Retropie (Rasperry pi emulator) to PicoPix Max

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to cast from a RasperryPi directly to the projector without using the hdmi in order to benefit of the 4 Corner correction. Any suggestions?

I haven’t played with RetroPie so I don’t know what OS it is based on exactly. I have had some success with MiracleCast for mirroring in the past, but not 100% success. Look for it on GitHub, or there is quite probably a better fork of it by now…

Just found Projects · Anwar Mohammad Abdul / scrcpy-android · GitLab - IMHO definitely worth a try

Scrcpy didn’t send sound the last time I looked?!?

I think running Dos emulator on Android directly will be much easier About Magic DosBox - Most User Friendly DosBox for Android

Assuming it works :smiley:

Isn’t this the reason why people use Plex?

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