Return package from Singapore through FedEx rejected by HK?

Hi Philips support,

I had mailed out my return package via FedEx with the instructions provided. However, I received a call from FedEx that the package was rejected by the recipient at Hong Kong when FedEx attempted to make the delivery.

Understand from FedEx that the two options are to abandon the shipment in Hong Kong (dispose), or to return the product to me in which case I would have to incur charges. However, as I do not have a FedEx account, they cannot charge to me as well.

This is quite unacceptable. Can I know why the returned shipment would be rejected at Hong Kong, and how can I return the package to Philips for exchange? If I would like the product returned to me instead of being abandoned, will Philips bear the costs of the return?

If the product is abandoned by FedEx at Hong Kong as a result of the provided recipient rejecting the return package, I would insist on being provided a full refund on the amount paid for backing.

I am more than happy to do an exchange for a functioning product, and have been patient along the various issues which have arisen over the months of waiting. But I certainly will not stand for this kind of logistical lapse which could cause me to lose more of my money and/or the product itself.

Thank you.

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This is something for the attention of @PhilipsNono or @PhilipsSupport definitely.


We are currently checking with our warehouse, we will keep you informed by email quickly,


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Hi, are there any updates, as FedEx needs a response by 24 Apr before disposing the package.

Hi Philips,

I would like to update you that the returned projector was eventually accepted by a person named Mr Lau on 24 Apr. I received a functioning projector a few weeks later on 16 May. What was disappointing nevertheless was that FedEx had to tell me that my projector was received, and there was no follow up from Philips to inform me that the product had been safely returned and that a new piece was on the way.

New issue

I just received an invoice for $108 SGD from FedEx today, for an invoice dated 8 May 2020. The only item I have ever shipped via FedEx is this projector. As I understood it from Philips support correspondence, the shipping bill for exchange should be covered by Philips (i.e. the recipient end). I am wondering why I am being charged for this?

I have sent out an email to together with FedEx, and I hope that Philips will look into this and settle the bill accordingly.

Thank you.

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Hi @PhilipsSupport ,

This just happened to me using UPS from Canada. I have written, and am waiting for a reply. Why are they not accepting them?

Can you please look into this for me?

It’s being taken care of.

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