Returned 2 Sender

Guys, while working on posts in a thread we had with backers saying their package was returned to sender, I must’ve done something to crash the thread, as I can no longer access it:

I managed to move most but not all messages to personal threads between me and the backer in question. So if you were in this thread before check your personal messages to see if I made a conversation thread for this.
If there’s not, please forgive me and send me a PM with the following subject line:

Returned 2 Sender - YOURforumusername

Please change YOURforumusername into your forum username, and provide me with at least the following information in your message:

  • Backerkit ID, and if unknown your Indiegogo contribution ID
  • Tracking code(s)
  • The new address / name / phone number to deliver to ONLY IF different from initial delivery attempt. Otherwise just say Same Address Info

After that if you need to elaborate more feel free to do so in the PM.

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hello, my packet was returned as well, how can I send sou a PM ? Can’t find the option to do so… Thanks


I can’t find the option either!

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You can click on IvoG’s name and there will be a button on top-right of the pop-up screen titled Message .

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Thanks for the quick help. However, there is no button “message” on the pop up on either your name or the moderator’s name!!

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can you check again please?

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Now it is there! Very strange! Thanks !!!

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not strange. i fixed it for you.:slight_smile:

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hello IvoG, I’m still waiting for an answer to my PM. It’s been a week…

I am working on all of these and so many more things.

Sorry to keep you waiting but I have not forgotten about you or anyone, it’s all on a big pile that only keeps getting higher.

Thank you for your answer Ivan, all I wanted was you to acknowledge the fact that you received my message. And I’m truely sorry if you have a lot of work but I don’t understand how a company like Phillips could handle its customer services soo poorly, they should put more staff into it, to help you. They definitly have the ressources… Please understand that it’s been a really long and painful process for us as well, waiting for more than 6 monthes this product… regards, Nicolas


It’s not just a matter of adding more resources.
The whole campaign is quite difficult to understand, sometimes even for us now working in it for a while.

I tried to explain it to my wife the other day, and I lost her at Backerkit. If you thought the whole Indiegogo contribution ID, Backerkit ID, order number, Backerkit “quasi queue number”, and finally tracking number were confusing, wait till you add the shipment order number which is how the shipper internally identifies the shipments, or the return order number when the unit is returned to sender.
Sometimes I get a question or issue, and it only has one of these numbers. I then have to search three different excel workbooks with 18 sheets in total by now to piece the image together, find the corresponding support desk ticket if there is one mentioned, find the Backerkit account to verify and possibly change an address, update it on the masterfile in Excel online, update the ticket, update the forwarders by sending an email, update the client through the ticket or PM or thread, set a reminder to follow up on the message, etc etc

The volume and load became so much more due to the corona crisis in unexpected ways:

  • delays meant more inquiries about when it would be delivered
  • delays and lockdowns meant more address changes, and inquiries about those changes
  • lockdowns lead to some units not being delivered leading to inquiries
  • the initial snowball gathered even more momentum and more inquiries regarding previous inquiries going unanswered
  • then some people not only mail, but also post here in threads, personal messages, call the support desk, sometimes all at once.
  • sometimes the forwarder gets back to us with shipments that require “immediate” attention, meanin I have to drop whatever I’m doing to sort it out.

Trust me, I understand your pain. I’m not sharing this to make you feel bad for asking for support, just to give you all an insight into what is going on and why it’s not just as easy as “let’s open up another can of support people to handle this”.


I can’t see the message button either

try again. fixed.


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I sent a PM. I’m really a patient man but I’m moving out of the country and moving to another continent by June 29. So, I don’t know how I can get my item? As well as the tax that I paid for it.

Hi @IvoGrijt,

Can you tell me if you have received well my PM and respond it for news on the shipment please ?

Best Regards

Valentin Allain

Hello, cant find the pm button either

Hi I am not able to see the button either to message you Contribution Number 8361