Returning to home screen without side menu open


I’m using the PPM since yesterday and I am quite happy. There is one thing I want to suggest for navigation improvement.

If the settings menu is opened from the start screen a layover slides in from the right. To go back to select apps you can only press the “back” key on the remote. If an app is started from the file manager (e.g. after installationI and you press home, you will also be back on the home screen with the side menu open. Also after changing a setting (e.g. brightness) and pressing home you have then to use the back key to close the side menu.

Pressing the “home” key will not make the menu go away.

I can understand this behaviour as technically you are still on the homescreen. I find this a little annoying as the concept “pressing home” brints you to the homescreen and you can select an app is not working.

I would prefer also the “home” key will close the slide in menu. And when pressing home from anywhere else you always come back to the home screen with the side mnenu already closed.

I will vote yes to this, and if you look around there are many other little inconveniences which are not top priority for now but should be improved ,
One example is when I go in to the Bluetooth menu and select an already paired device , the 1st top option given is to unpair I have to arrow down for the option to connect, it’s not a big deal but just an extra step an extra press that’s not needed, cause I think the option to connect will be used much more than unpair , yet unpair is presented to you first, it just prevents you from doing it quickly a double tap and it’s done , little things like this help improve the user experience


Hello @screen, this sidebar is going away in the upcoming update. You’ll have shortcuts directly on the home screen.