Right image corner is higher

I tested this on the floor and used calibration
And it always set the right corner of the image little bit higher why is that ?

Remember someone els posted this issue somewhere here ?

Are you projecting on to a screen or wall?

can delete this topic i may have misscalculated and ppm maybe was slightly angled wrong

Hi, I have the same issue. ppm flat on the floor and still projecting tilted despite calibration done…

same here, happening these few day, for mine, the right top corner is bending outward to the right.

@GiacomoR @noname729

Can u post an image of the projector and the projected screen?

Is it actually bending (ie. curved) or is the projection just not 100% straight? The reason I’m asking is that having it rest completely flat on a surface isn’t necessarily enough to achieve a straight picture. The projector is very sensitive when it comes to positioning and having it positioned at even a slight angle in relation to the surface that is being projected on can result in a picture that is not 100% straight. On the other hand, if the side of the picture is bent or warped, it might be something else.

I think is really the straight the problem. Managed to took a picture projecting on a very close surface so when far the effet is more pronounced

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The fact that the PPX is on a level surface and itself level also, doesn’t guarantee a good projection, it also has to be perfectly perpendicular to the screen.


Also if you’re projecting on to a wall, check how flat the wall is, on 1 of my walls I get a lower right hand corner always at the exact spot, after checking with a straight edge I noticed there is a kink in that section of the wall not noticeable normally to the eye but enough to distort the straight line of the bottom of the projected image.