Rii i4 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad and Scroll Wheel

Hello all,

I have been enjoying numerous movies on VLC Player and videos on YouTube since receiving my PPMax towards end-Jan 2020. Really loving it and with each firmware update, it gets better.

However, there is one issue which particularly annoys me and that is the problem of audio lag and stutter from some Bluetooth speakers. The interim solution for me has been to remove a battery from the AirMote when not using it during a movie. Put back battery when need to pause and remove again when movie resumes. While this interim solution worked great for me, it is still annoying.

Another annoyance is having to point and type on the on-screen keyboard when searching YouTube.

In my search for a better solution, I bought this Rii i4 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad that also has a scroll wheel.

It pairs easily with the PPMax and fits comfortably on my hand. So far having watched 3 movies (with AirMote battery out), no audio lag or stutter and it has worked great for movies on VLC Player. But on YouTube, sometimes the audio still has the occasional stutter which I don’t know why. I can control the volume, pause/play, rewind/forward, home, etc. The touchpad is responsive allowing me to navigate the screen with ease. When scrolling through a long list of movie files, although I can use two-finger drag to scroll, I find that the scroll wheel really came in handy for this task. Or, now that I have a physical keyboard, I could use the search function and easily type and find the movie I want.

Only a couple of things I cannot do with it is power on/off and trigger auto-focus as there are no such dedicated buttons on the Rii i4 keyboard. For power, I use the physical button on the PPMax. If I need to trigger auto-focus, I need to put back the battery in the AirMote.

The Rii i4 is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a physical on/off switch. Has a backlit keyboard. Also comes with 2.4GHz dongle if you do not wish to use Bluetooth.

If anyone if looking for a keyboard with touchpad, this is Rii i4 is a good alternative and worth checking out.


I have this also, it’s a godsend. I don’t use the remote anymore (except for autofocus). Key accessories.

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It doesn’t have an IR remote code learning function?

Unfortunately, no. Would be perfect if it has.


Hi @williammuk I just bought this remote control with keyboard and air mouse with backlight. Waiting for it to arrive. Will test it out and inform here soon.


It looks great. I will be very interested to read your comments about it. Where did you find it ?

Ok. Will post here when I tested it. I ordered it via an online local shopping portal. Shipping from China. Believe it or not. Cost usd6.65 only. US may have tax and import charges.


Hi @williammuk and @Pandam. Finally received the remote. Looks and work as expected with some serious issues that I hope philips can help resolve via software update. Otherwise, this remote won’t work.

Pro: Works great. Air mouse is better than original ppm remote. Faster and more precise. Keyboard works great, responsive. I actually got this remote because I wanted a small keyboard with the remote. Has backlight that respond to which side you are having faced up.

Con: it is using a USB receiver with no Bluetooth and IR (infrared). Using a USB receiver means no more USB port for other things. Major issue: Some how with the USB receiver in the USB port, it hindered with the original remote power off function, the ‘shutting down’ message appeared. And the projection went into blank (black screen) but light is still on. It will only power off by itself AFTER I remove the USB receiver from the USB port. Or by press holding the physical power button at the back of ppm for 10 secs.

@Philips_Support_P, maybe you can also look into this if possible? To find out why it wouldn’t off with USB receiver plugged in? Thanks

EDIT: So sadly, until the power off issue is resolved, this remote is not usable.


Thank you for the informations.
It would be perfect with bt :wink:
I agree with you about the need of a little keyboard.

Thanks for the report. I looked for similar products and found a couple of interesting ones, much like the one you have. I ended up ordering the Rii i4 anyway precisely because of its BT support. Seems like it was a good choice.


Thanks for the review. It’s so cool how the keypad lights up on whichever side is facing up. As for powering the PPMax off, I navigate to Projector Settings > Power > Shutdown instead of using the AirMote.

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I actually have a full sized logitech backlighted Bluetooth keyboard (ultra thin) that I could used with ppm. But I am so lazy to pull it out from my bag every time I wanted to type something you know. A tiny mini remote keyboard with backlight is so convenient.

Here’s a picture of my full size keyboard:


I have the i4 and it works well. I find the touch pad is really helpful with trying to select things versus the airmote.


I find the scroll wheel really useful for scrolling through hundreds of files quickly. :blush:


I am going to buy the Rii i25A remote with keyboard. Will test it out and let you all know…

Look sick…

With tons of features including IR remote learning…


That was one of the remotes/keyboards I looked at. Doesn’t seem to support bluetooth though…

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Yeah. I don’t use the USB port anyways so don’t mind using this kind of remote. The one I have at the moment is not working out (see previous post). It interfered with shutdown and no IR learning.

Yeah I wish they would make the quick access for shutdown, auto-focus, input source selection and brightness mode… be available sooner. I heard it’s in the works…

EDIT: and do away with asking whether really need to shutdown confirmation… Waste of time and clicks… :sweat_smile:

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William… Did you plug the 2.4G USB receiver into the USB port to use your keyboard??? Seems your keyboard is also a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. You can do without the USB receiver and connect via Bluetooth.


Can you put up a link for this thanks.