Roku / Firestick / Android TV

Hi All

Wondering if anyone has had any luck with a plug in device on the PPM? Can any of the above make use of the PPM’s internal hard drive?

I use my Chromecast which gives a better experience with Streaming services over the inbuilt AOSP. The only downside is no bluetooth is supported, I’m waiting on Google to release their new Dongle as it will have Android TV built in and is a completely new type of streaming device.

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I use a MI tv-stick Mi Global Home, but it needs to be powered bu it’s own power supply. I have bought a new powersuply from Deltaco with 2 USB outputs so I can power up the MI stick along with the PPM. This gives me all the things I thought I had bought from Philips. I will newer buy anything from Philips again after this.

I’m using the Amazon 4k stick and it works perfect. All interface is on the stick. And it also runs Bluetooth audio. I don’t even use the Phillips interface.

I just brought a roku hdmi streaming stick and it works like a dream.

It powers through the ppm usb socket, has airplay and chromecast and a neat feature that allows you to connect your phone through an app to audio and play through headphones or speakers via Bluetooth.

Google play, prime, Netflix, Apple TV and other good apps at 1080p.

Just missing 4 corner adjustment on hdmi but I can live with that.

Looks like the boss