Root access to projector


As the PPM is not GMS certified it is not possible to officially have google logins etc. I know that its possible to sideload google service apks on to a AOSP install but root access is required. So is it possible to get root access to the PPM? Does it have an unlocked bootloader?



If its that important to you to root your device, you can check Philips’ remark on this here PicoPix Max FAQ . Otherwise maybe @PhilipsEngineering can assist with this.

I understand the risks but I would still like the know. @PhilipsEngineering Would you be able to help with this? I’ve got developer options enabled but I cant seem to see the projector in ADB

I’ve connected my laptop with all the ports on the projector but none of them seem to trigger the the debug dialog

You would loose the Widevine L1 DRM Key Support.

But there was already an (complicated) Proof-of-Concept for an Google Play Store on the PPM.

Maybe it will released from an community member on February 10th or 11th.

Did you try the USB-A connector (with a USB-A to USB-A cable)? If I understand it correctly that’s the only one actually connected to USB on the Rockchip SoC (the USB-C charger port has a USB-to-serial converter connected to the D+/D- pins), not sure about the USB-C video port, but I would expect a USB Billboard device there.

Edit: The USB-A port might be a long shot when Android is up and running though as it is configured to host mode. In recovery mode it can act as a device. Is a ADB USB connection possible @PhilipsEngineering ? Or is there a way to launch adbd to access it over Wi-Fi?

That’s awesome! Ok I’ll hold out and see what happens with that. I’ve joined the telegram group to keep upto date on it :blush: Thanks for the tip!


Yeah I’ve tried the USB-A port but “adb devices” doesn’t see the device

Hi, please see this post for info about how to access adb. I don’t have info on rooting it though.


Thanks, that’s the one I failed to find when searching for adb earlier!