Runs on battery power while plugged in.

My PPM seems to be running on battery power when it is plugged in and the charging process stops. I charged it to 80-100% but after a while, it shuts down because the battery is depleted. I use the original power brick and cable.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Maybe you have got one of this malfunctioning chargers. It seems there is a batch with not correctly working bricks. I had got one too.
After a while of chargin it stops. Beeing pluged in while running, after a while it switches to battery, until its down. The malfunctioning charger has a heat problem. After a while it switches off. There is a threat about it here somewhere where zou can read all of it. There was a tip to clarify. Cool the brick while charging or running plugged in with those iced packs you use at sport injuries or headaches. With mine, cooling worked and it could charge and run. Showing evidence that its a heat problem with the charger.
I asked for replacement of the charger, got one, and the new one ist working well, as it should.

Could be the heat issue indeed; the thread that sahagun referred to: Projector randomly stops drawing external power / Only charges for 5mins at a time

Please make sure you use the original charger and original cable. I’ve experienced the charger getting very hot when I was using a different usb-c cable.

i face the same issue … i used the original cable and charger and the status is the PPM not switch the power to the charger … that mean i can’t use the projector when the battery discharged, and i must wait to recharge it again …