S Youtube -video not loading

The smart tv YouTube app starts but when selecting a video a black screen appears. No sound either. I can go back to the sod main page and select other videos but there too I get a black screen or …loading but nothing happens.
What can I fui to fix this?
Already made a new install of the app without results. Other sod like Netflix are still working.

Thanks for help,

Cheers, Moritz


Hey, got the exact same issue, just came on here to see if anyone else experiencing this and here you are!

Anyone else? Any ideas?


Exact same problem here

Use this one: SmartTubeNext
It was suggested in the beta section by Philips.
I’ve been using it for almost 4 weeks and it is so much better.

The site:

Direct download link:


Im trying to use both Smart youtube AND smart tube next and am still getting the same problem. Is there any fix to this?

Hi @Noah_Billeaud / @Davy both the apps are available right from your Home Screen. The SmartYoutubeTV app is preinstalled and the SmartTubeNext app can be installed from the Home Screen.

Note that the latter is still in beta and some issues are expected. Due to the frequent updates during its beta phase, we normally only update it twice a month for PicoPix Max users. However I will push the latest one right away.

Thank YouTube für the smart Tube next hint!
Since today YouTube is working again on my picopixmax without having taken any action.

SmartTubeNext is the best solution for PicoPixMax (thanks Davy). Install latest stable download

Working well Picture in Picture function too, its great !

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