Samsung dex screen mirroring

I connecte my tab s6 via the USB cable that came with the Pico and then it booted up Samsung Dex but I couldn’t get the same screen to show up on my tab s6 instead it shows a mouse pad to control Dex. I find it useless because it would be easier if it gave us the same screen to control dex with our fingers and the pen.

When I don’t use dex it works Iike I think it should

Well, that’s exactly how Samsung envisioned DEX to work, that’s not something the projector can change.

This is a good confirmation that DEX works with a full-featured USB-C cable at least!

I have a tab s6. Let me try it later tonight and see. I used screen mirroring and did not see the issue. But let me try with USB c and see the result.
As for the issue with mouse pad appering on you tablet after you connect, did you try pulling from top-down on the tablet and you will notice an option ‘Use tablet as touchpad’ (I think). You will need to turn that off.

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How did you enable screen mirroring with the Pico with the Tab s6 I’ve only tried YouTube and it’s buggy, and yes I was able to get out the touchpad screen

There is a Smartview option when you pull your tablet from top-down. In that your projectors should be searchable. Link to it and it will mirror. Again don’t remember exact steps but i think thats how i did it.

I will try to send step by step instruction once i try later at home

This is video i found online. Hope it helps:

Cool I’ll check it out later

Lol i didnt even thought about using DEX this way. That is a genius idea.