Sat2IP decoding as new "input"

Would be great when the PPMax could directly access Sat2IP signal (like the Panasonic TVs), not relying on some 3rd party software (for which the PPMay CPU appears not strong enough).

Sat2IP is a protocol to convert a satelite TV signal into an IP-stream (rtsp). Several receivers and TVs can connect to the Sat2IP server (by LAN of WLAN) and process the signal to get the normal TV. Some programs like VLC player or IPTV can also process the Sat2IP-stream- however, the functionality of the programs on an android system is restricted ).
It would be great if PPMax could connect to the Sat2IP server and directly import the stream-signal for processing. Normally the signal (-list: for the different programs) is available as playlist (

This could be implemented on the software side as a new App or by extending the possible “input”-streams.
The feature would allow to use PPMax directly as TV.
Sat2IP appears to be an “emerging” technology (already a few years on the marked) since it makes TV independent from any coax-cables and massively reduces wiring.

*) for example on PPMax, VLC cannot be configured to receive the correct signal and a playlist that can be imported by VLC is not usably proceessed, in contrast to on a smartphone. IPTV only gives a bad stream with lots of stops (same as on my smartphone): maybe the software is not good or the hardware is too slow.

Could you please rewrite this to elaborate more on what exactly you want to happen and how you see it being done?

What does the engineering team need to do, why do you think this is needed, and why do you think others should vote for such a feature?