Screen adjustment when on HDMI

Hi there,
I have been able to adjust the screen through the 4 corner points, really easy step and love the device, no issues whatsoever here.
My concern is with 2 things:

  1. Airplay does not work, it either won’t connect or will connect and no image will show.
  2. When connected to and AppleTV or Laptop through HDMI, It ignores the screen size I had and blows it bigger and I can’t find a way to adjust the screen back… can you help?


Read the message board and every other piece of information. 4 corners doesn’t work with HDMI, only vertical correction does.

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Really Tom?
Wow you are just a delightful world of knowledge, it didn’t occur to me to do that.
Oh, by the way, this was directed at Philips, you should have read the post.


Really. Glad I could answer one of your questions. Appreciation rather than glibness would be better


Ricardo, Tom was trying to be helpful.
This very 4 corner question has been asked and answered over and over again. It’s been even updated on the indiegogo page and many other FAQ’s and such.

Regardless of who you addressed it too, the Philips team can’t keep answering the same question over and over, that’s why Tom told you to (search and) read. We are a community and we’re trying to help each other, but you could start to help yourself by reading the technical topics section for instance.

Regarding the Airplay, did you try activating it at least once by selecting it from the source menu in the Projector Settings?


Just make sure you set the hdmi output first by positioning your ppm physically. Once you are satisfied with the screen then only set the internal input screen.