Screen Mirroring not working. iOS

When I first got my ppm I tried screen mirroring from my iPhone X. It worked.
Now, several weeks later, I can’t get it to connect. I’ve restarted the ppm several times. I’ve closed all apps and restarted iPhone.
PPM doesn’t show up on my ‘connect to’ list at all.
Any help appreciated.

A few things to check:

  • Is the projector on the same WiFi network as your phone?
  • Have you tried starting the iOS mirroring app (Projector Settings > Screen Mirroring > iOS)?
  • Inside that app, have you tried turning off and on AirPlay?
  • Inside that app’s advanced settings, have you tried turning off/on the “Device discovery tweaks” option?

Do you have any other Apple device like a Mac or iPad or another phone?

As recommended, tried another iOS device and it worked.
Still would not show up on my iPhone, so I did a full power cycle of iPhone and it solved the problem.


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Good to hear that!

Hello - I’ve had my projector for about a week and been able to use airplay once after restarting AirReceiver. I’ve been trying to use it the past couple of days using the suggestions listed and nothing works except for screen mirroring. I’ve tried cycling power to both iOS and projector to no avail.
Also, are AT&T TV and YouTube TV working on here? How do we know which ones work that we should download?

Hi @pdup17, only apps which do not use DRM will work via AirPlay. Most commercial services block AirPlay to anything except an Apple TV.

Which apps are you using? Can you describe the exact problem — are you able to connect via AirPlay and start the playback, but see a blank screen? Or you’re unable to see the projector in the Screen Mirroring list at all?

I am trying to mirror my MacBook using AirPlay but I can’t get it to work. I have paired the units via bluetooth but I still can’t get it to work. The device doesn’t appearing on the Screen Mirroring list on my MacBook.

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I’ve tried both turning off and on AirPlay and turning off/on the “Device discovery tweaks” option?

I have tried 2 MacBook Airs and an iPhone XR. I can’t seem to get it working. Any ideas?

Hello! I had previously been able to use screen mirroring, but has not worked since the most recent SW update. It shows as if it is playing on the projector, but all I see is a black screen displayed with all the function buttons at the bottom (I.e. pause, forward, rewind etc…). Tried everything suggested and nothing has worked. Using iOS 13.6. I’ve tried using different apps with same outcome. AT&T TV, YouTube TV. Thanks!

Hi PhillipsEngineering,

I also have problems getting Airplay/screen mirroring to work.
I received my PPM in June, and Airplay/screen mirroring worked fine at first, but since latest SW upgrade the PPM does not even show up in the airplay-lists on either my iPhone11 or in my MacbookPro.

  • the PPM and devices are on the same wifi network
  • PPM software version 1.1.05
  • AirReceiver v4.9.1
  • I have tried turning off/on AirPlay in app
  • I have tried turning off/on “Device discovery tweaks” option

all else works fine, and generally love the PPM!

best, Kenneth

The exact thing happened to me recently and I too tried what you did, in the end I rebooted the router and that solved the problem.

thanks, tried that and now works! :slight_smile:

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Hello, I have the same problem. PPM does not show up on screen mirroring on my iPhone 11. I have tried everything and it still doesn’t work! I had a nano one before and it worked with that one but I returned that because the quality was not adequate for my purposes.
Also, I find the focusing function quite confusing! I can’t figure out how to do it but when I hold my device up it seems to focus automatically!
Not the most user-friendly device! :frowning:

Just to add that screen mirroring works fine with my lower model iPhones and screen mirroring on my iPhone 11 works fine with other devices! So I guess this is an issue that perhaps PPM does not support newer versions of iPhone?


I confirm that screen mirroring is ok with my old iPhone (5S) and IPAD air 2014 but not with my IPhone 12 and 11.

Please Philippe to solve this issue.


I raised this question before, and I was informed that some screen mirroring/airplay may not work if the Apple gadget requires airplay 2.0, since PPM only supports airplay 1.0 currently…

For me, neither Airplay or built-in Chromecast works…