Screeneo 2.0 picture and sound cuts out

Hi all,

We’ve just started having a problem with our Screeneo 2.0; after random periods of time, the image and sound cuts out. Looking at the projector when this happens, the bulb isn’t on and I can’t hear any fans whirring away. It also doesn’t respond to any remote control button presses.

This lasts for around 5 minutes, maybe more (never actually timed it) and then everything comes back on.

It’s certainly not due to overheating as it was the first time we had used the projector that day. The lamp hours is 708 and we’ve turned off all auto shutdown features. We’ve had the projector for over 4 years now and, other than having to replace the bulb 8 months ago, haven’t had any issues with it.

Does anyone know why this could be happening? I’ve checked all of the connections and everything is ok too.

I am also having the same issue and it is getting worse and worse. Could anyone please from Philips Support help us?

Thanks in advance!