I have detected lot of problems in the s4 projector version 1.0.31. Some of them listed other not. I have my projector connected to TVBOX ISB2201 by HDMI cable!

Here are some:

1- When i change channel the projector loose sound.
2 - When go back in TV program the projector loose sound.
3 - Unable to update software version. (I have tried to update, from this file PPX620_V1.2.1.ZIP. The offline update system detects the new software, and a appears copying (for about 5 seconds), and after this it desappear and no update was done:( or error)
4 - unable to update some apps, even the ones from factory.
5 - Unable to use happy Cast, can’t use any other to do the same.
6 - unable to use any dns changer program.
7- And i haven’t done a lot of things that i want to, because can’t solve this problems

Sorry to say but, i have this for about a month and is just PROBLEMS. The seller says will not refund me, and to contact philips for correct the issues and to return the item.

I don’t know how to say this but I bought a problem and an expensive one. I can’t understand this situation, and how to solve this.


Hope you understand my frustration.


Please do not attempt to use any file with PPX620 in its filename to update, as that’s firmware for the Pico Pic Max, NOT the Screeneo S4!

For further support please email

Is what you say to do, in other posts. And I have changed the name. Other thing is why you are saying to send an email, because other users had the same problems and you answer by here…

by the way, is impossible to send email:

It was not possible to deliver your message for

support não foi encontrado no