Screeneo S6 Last Update local not recognized

I download the last version V1.1.02 on my Mac.
I copy it on usb in Fat32 and rename it : « » then use the manuel update on the screeneo.
Screeneo found the file but asked me to search a file named « ».
I renamed the file, then that it began to work but stopped and tell « Package not valid » and stop.
Have you an idea ?
Could you help me.
Thank’s a lot

This forum is dedicated to the PicoPix Max, so if you downloaded the v1.1.02 firmware from a post here with the intent to update a Screeneo S6, it’s not the right firmware for your device.

Thank’s a lot and sorry for my error.

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Hi @Jackques69 an update for the Screeneo S6 is in the pipeline and should be available within 2 weeks. It will be available as an online update within the projector. There will be no offline update file.


Thank’s Prashant for this good news.

Have a nice day.
Best Regards


Hi Philips Engineering Team, since your message from 10th of July I have not be able to make a software update : It seems to ne be finished yet … When it will be ready please ?
Thanks !



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