Screeneo S6: update impossible Prime video-Netflix-System

Good morning,

I have a Philips Screeneo S6 SCN650 since May 2020.
Version 1.0.21
Android 1.3.0

I was never able to update with a message telling me that my connection is bad even though I am using RJ45, nevertheless it worked for Netflix, Prime video and Youtube until December 2022

In December 2022 an automatic update was made for Prime Video and I no longer have access to this application (Photo below)

Today I contacted Amazon support for 2 hours with a very involved technician:

1°) We have loaded the “Google Play Services” which seem necessary since 2022: no positive results.

2°) We performed a factory reset of the projector and tried to reinstall Prime video: impossible. During these 2 hours he contacted a manager: Apparently since December 2022 Philips maintenance would no longer be the same and Prime video is no longer supported by the Screeneo S6.

3°) Following this reset I tried to reinstall NETFLIX: no version can be installed, even by removing the filter of incompatible applications.

Here are the release and issue images,
Thanks for your help
Best regards,