Screeneo U4 | Aux output does not work with stereo systems

Hi, guys!
My screeneo just arrived 4 days ago, I tried connecting the 3.5 mm jack audio output of the projector to an RCA CABLE with the working TRS stereo connection standard connected in to my home audio system but no audio signal comes out of the projector and with other optoma projectors used in the past or televisions I have never had any audio connection problems.

I did a test then, with a pair of EarPods headphones with 3.5 mm jack with TRRS/CTIA standard and the audio was coming out of the headphones correctly.

I do not know whether this is a specific choice in the projector construction process or whether it is a real technical problem. Having said that, it certainly does not conform to what is stated both on the packaging and in the Philips product sheet.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi Miki,
sorry I missed your message and today I wrote about the same issue in the general discussion (see here Screeneo U4 | Compact Ultra Short Throw - #180 by danbo).

As you can read I had a similar issue. I tried already to get in touch via email to the Screeneo customer service, but I have not yet received a feedback from them.

Update with respect to this morning is that I succeeded to get permanent out out from my stereo system using HDMI instead of the 3.5 mm jack. These are the connections I set up: HDMI connection between my laptop and the projector (HDMI 1 port) + HDMI connection between the projector and my stereo system (HDMI 2 port, since this is the only one that supports ARC feature!).

Still, I would like to understand the reason behind the issue with the 3.5 mm jack audio output.


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Hi Daniele! Thank you for your message. I read your “thread Screeneo U4 | Compact Ultra Short Throw - #180 by danbo “ and had the same problem. I connected my Apple TV via HDMI to the projector at the HDMI 1 input ( the input at the back of the projector, next to the jack input ) and when I connect my RCA cable connected to a pjoneer apmlifier , the sound for 3/4 seconds can be heard and then it disappears and goes back to sound from inside the projector amp.

But the strange thing is that if I connect a pair of headphones and another pair of speakers the problem does not persist. I have also written to support but they have not replied yet. I then sent a PEC email to to request an official solution from them.

Thank you for your guidance on using HDMI as an output as well, but I would not know how to then connect it to an audio amplifier with RCA-only inputs.

Hello guys, please update to 1.6.7, we added the AUX force output

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Nope, this doesn’t work. I had stuttering with 1.6.6 update, and after upgrade to 1.6.7 now there’s NO AUDIO output to stereo amplifier. The sound keeps coming out of the Screeneo’s inbuilt speakers.

Any suggestions or ideas to get this very basic functionality working?

I have raised a support case for this issue and another one that I am encountering after the 1.6.7 fw update.

Alright folks, this is embarrassing but apparently the reason I was not getting any aux output is because I was not selecting the aux output in the audio settings. Testing with this on for the last 60min and I haven’t encountered any audio stuttering and output to stereo integrated amplifier is working well.

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