Screeneo U4 | Compact Ultra Short Throw

Questions about our new device?


Do you have pre production models for review? This can be used to share with community and on crowdfunding campaign. I am very interested

Hello, we may open trial production for review in the future when we start the Indiegogo campaign. We will keep our community posted!

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Not you?

yes this is us :slight_smile:

Launching soon on Indiegogo !


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All the presentations in the video commercial are in a dark / shaded room. What I (probably “we” :joy:) need is a Beamer that also work in a daytime environment!

Hello Maroop, usually projectors are use in a very dark room, like in Theatres in order to get the best contrast and brightness. Watching a dark movie in daytime… Not nice :slight_smile:

Even though many promotional shots of projectors suggest otherwise, a projector can never darken a wall. So the darkest black is the white of the wall. To perceive an image, the lighter tones must be many times brighter than the available light. The sun has a lot of lumen, and even indoors a lot of that shines through.

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BTW, realy nice description:

Why are we Crowdfunding?

In 2019, we launched the PicoPix Max on Indiegogo to understand if our users wanted Philips Projection to expand its pico projector offering. We learned a lot from the early feedback from backers. They helped us understand what projectors our audience wanted and what we could do better to provide a better user experience.

Our driving force is to democratise innovation that makes sense and provide access to technologies that allow you to achieve more, watch more and enjoy more. Now, years later, and with this ultra-short, ultra-compact projector, we are back on Indiegogo.

We decided to crowdfund again, not for testing purposes, although we are always open to your advice, but to thank those who supported us the first time and for newcomers who want to discover ultra-short technologies.

The Screeneo U4 will first be featured on Indiegogo with an incredibly large discount. Instead of marketing this beautiful ultra-short throw display at full MSRP, this discount and early access is our way of showing our appreciation.

So sign up! Take advantage of our introductory offer and join us on Indiegogo soon.

Hello @Philips,

does this mean that those of us who have contributed to the PicoPix Max will get and even more discount than the “regular retail backer” on Indiegogo?


Hello Jan, we are currently working on all the perks. We will let you know for sure :slight_smile:

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That sounds great and I can’t wait to finaly unbox and Philips/Screeneo projector again :grinning:

BTW: The Marketingvideo you made is realy generating goosebumbs because the U4 seems to be so flexible (also that you have added a second HDMI Input on the side is awesome with regards to the cabling experience)


  1. Can you provide us a real-world Demo and maybe even side by side projection comparison with the PicoPix Max?

  2. Due to the portability I would like to have/buy a second Power-Supply, because I have multiple rooms in my mind where I would like to use the U4 on a regular base. Can you Imagine offer additional PSU’s as an option?

  3. Do you have a recommendation for UST compatible stand-up screens? I know the following which is unfortunately only for Long-Throw Projectors:

Hello Jan!

1: Ok will do tomorrow
2: I’m afraid that will be too difficult in terms of logistic BUT: we will point out to the exact adapter you can purchase on Amazon. We use a standard 90watts (20v, 4.5A) DC adapter. Something like this (we need to test it this week)
3: you have 3 options:

  • your white wall, be careful your wall needs to be straight!
  • a normal grey screen
  • an ALR screen, specially made for. it is reflecting lights

Personally I’m using it on my white wall cause when the projector is OFF, you dont’ have a big empty screen on your wall.

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I backed the Pico Px Max and im planning to buy this!!! but i want an additional discount. A special perk!!! us initial backers need more!!!

Hello Roberto!
We are working on it!


You’re listing an 80" max screen size. Is that to preserve brightness, or is it a focusing limitation?

I have a similar projector (the Hachi PuppyCube) and am able to get a very reasonable 100" display from it despite being 300 ANSI lumens and only 720p. Unfortunately, the PuppyCube has a 0.39 throw ratio that has me placing it much farther from the wall than I’d like.

The Screeneo U4 has my attention because of its similar design. It’s sleek, compact and understated. The higher lumens and resolution are appealing, but it’s the throw ratio in particular that has me interested.

If a 100" display is possible, where would that place the side of the projector facing me (how deep would my shelf have to be)?

How high on the wall would the bottom of the projected image be from the shelf?

Regardless, I’m excited to see this type of product gain such interest. I’m looking forward to more details!

thanks for your questions!

In fact we have limited the size to 80" to get the best brightness and contrast. For sure you can go higher to 100 or 120 but you will loose brightness and contrast.
for 100" you will need to be at 22 inch from the wall (55cm from the lens of the projector).

The image will be projected 30 to 35cm higher than the projector on the wall.

Thanks for your support!

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Thanks for the quick response!

That’s about what I figured, it may still be a little too deep, but I’m looking at my options. The AOC C1 claims a 0.22 : 1 throw ratio and the Fengmi R1 nano lists a 0.23 : 1 (with an overly optimistic 1200 ANSI lumens).

The angle of throw can really mess with everything as the height varies as well, so I’m wrestling with my tape measure for now.

When do you think we’ll have an ETA and MSRP? If I can’t get the layout to work (fingers crossed), it may be worth it for a secondary project of mine.