Screeneo U4 image warping

The top middle of the projection has recently become distorted with an upward bulge in it. Does anyone else have this? Any solutions?


Yes, mine has had it since new.
Is this a property of the lens or a defect?

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ok issue fixed for me!
way to do it:

  • disable autofocus calibration @ start
  • go to settings and to manual calibration. In my case I had to go from +51 setting to +135 (lot of clicks). But with this value I was able to get sharp screen in all corners.
    I set all calibrations to manual and that’s it. It works fine :slight_smile:

as long as I fixed focus issues, image warping came to me as well. It seems it’s a hardware issue as during manual focus adjustment, the motor which sets focus got stuck half way through. It somehow came back after setting higher number on focus settings but since then, image is distorted in left top corner . Autofocus is permanently broken, motor works only 1/2 it’s range.

@Philips_Support_S can you let me know how warranty claim works?

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Has anybody received any answers from @Philips_Support_P regarding this bulge? Like the previous poster said it seems like a hardware issue.

Absolutely not. I’m highly disappointed on @Philips_Support_S
I’ve been couple of times in kickstarter projects and I can understand tiny startup companies, but Philips with their company size issuing such buggy and unfinished product + lack of support… is unbelievable. I don’t believe this project has something to do with Swiss branch of Philips. I’ve been living there for 8 years and quality first, it has always been like that. What we’ve got is a scam not a product.

Agree’d we immediately backed this project because we wanted it for our bedroom and I love Philips. I have Hue everything in our house, hue sync, sensors and switches. I rarely have issues with those and when I did their customer support is usually pretty good. I still like the projector I just get so mad when I see that slight upward curve on the top edge. @Philips_Support_P please respond to your community board. If this is a hardware issue then please advise us on the warranty process. The people on these boards are most likely Philips fans such as ourselves


I too have the bulge problem, would like how to fix it. We all cant be wrong with the same issues.
I also received this from Philips.
Dear madam/sir,

Thank you for your message to Philips. Please be informed that Screeneo Innovation SA is a brand licensee of Philips for Philips-branded projectors. These projectors are manufactured and marketed under the sole responsibility of Screeneo Innovation SA, not by Philips.

Accordingly, Screeneo is solely responsible for this matter. We ask you to contact Screeneo directly at for further information.

Kind regards,

Philips Privacy Office

I am also have the same issues. Top of my screen warping.

Yep, I have this problem as well. Thanks to @TomaszG advice on how to use manual focus I was able to get the image to be quite watchable but the top of the image is warped in the middle, which is far from ideal.

Same here, the frame is not only warped, but also distorted and segmented in many points.

I’ve carreid out the following:

  • automatic calibration, geometry adjustment and focus adjustment
  • manual calibration, geometry adjustment and focus adjustment
  • followed the instruction on both the manual and the projected ones (inc. manually rotating the projector box, as suggested)
  • I’ve updated the firware to the latest vers. 1.7.0

None of the above worked, so I wonder if it is about a hardvare or lens problem.

The customer support was very quick to reply per email:

Could we please ask you to send us a video of the following:

  • To determine if the warped image is a result of the projector itself or the wall on which it is being projected to
  • Please remove all HDMI devices from the projector
  • Go into the calibration settings (9 Text Boxes)
  • Move the projector laterally (perpendicular to the wall) from the left to the right
  • If the warped part stays fixated, the wall is warped, in this case, could we please ask you to try another surface
  • If the warped part follows the projector, the projector is malfunctioning

I have a bow at the top of the screen… and Im using the supplied ALR screen, so I am I correct in thinking the projector is faulty?


I have same issues with warped image. I’ve tried manual and auto corrections I’ve checked also my wall and I’m not able to fix it. Top of the frame is wrapped/ distorted no matter what I do. I also would not call this project the sharpest what I’ve seen. The corners are quite blurry.

My software version is 1.7.0

Is it hardware or software bug?