Screeneo U5 - Netflix Issue

Hi Team,

I just got the screeneo U5.

  1. I’m not able to use Netflix on the device. I uninstalled the version that existed then I downloaded Netflix from Google play, as soon as I open Netflix, it states “this version of Netflix App is not compatible with your device(-13).” … how can I get this resolved, is there a workaround?

Please advise…

Thank You

Hello, indeed the Screeneo U5 is not yet compatible with Netflix as stated on our Indiegogo campaign. We are still negotiating with Netflix about this partnership. For the moment, you can use an app called “Kodi for Netflix”.

Hi, thank you for the follow-up. I was able to find Kodi app but unable to find “Kodi for Netflix” app? Unless the Kodi app is what your referring too? If there is a separate app, can you point me in that direction?


Hello, what the target date to get NetFlix app on Screeneo U5 ?

Tldr it’s not on Philips it’s on Netflix to approve the use of projectors with the Netflix app on Android TV. So don’t expect it anytime soon

May be you ça use a ps5, series X/S or start with your phone and share the screen?

Hi , I bought an Amazon Stik and it work perfect. NETFLIX - PRIME - DISNEY - YOUTUBE.

The only “little problem” that is for fix the volume , ami have to use tempo different remote control because the Amazon stick remote control , don’t pair with the SCREENEO U5.

Any suggestion to fix ?

Thank you.

Kodi for Netflix is no loner working - even with a valid Authentication Key, it can only view the video list; when playing the video, there is ‘invalid email/password’ error. It becomes major drawback of this projector.

Indeed, Netflix is now targeting all non-certified devices, and as a result, the Kodi version no longer functions. From our end, we are still working on a resolution. Technically, the version we have operates with a test key, but we cannot establish a commercial agreement at the moment. This is because Netflix aims to push all manufacturers to adopt a specific CPU and Google TV.

Unfortunately, for the time being, there are only two solutions available:

  1. Purchase an external dongle, such as the Amazon Fire Stick.
  2. Install a specific version of Netflix that only functions with a mouse-enabled remote control or a standard wired/wireless PC/Mac mouse.

We hope this clarifies the current situation.

That doesn’t sound like a plausible explanation.
If as Philips signing the contract, why should Netflix interfere with what OS is used - maybe it’s time for more synergies for Screeneo with the TV team from TCL as a provider of TV solutions for Philips.

On the first crowdfunding action with Philips PicoPix Max, you claimed that AndroidTV OS can’t be used because Google requires AMLogic CPU, today U5 has Mediatek MT9629 (not according to Philips official website “Powered by the fastest AMLOGIC CPU…”) and there is AndroidTV, but suddenly you need GoogleTV so that you can install the Netflix certification key after signing the contract… then instead of AndroidTV 12, we are waiting for GoogleTV 12 & Netflix certification.

Hello, this is the reality. This has nothing to do with TVs. Netflix doesn’t want to be projectors for the moment and are selecting very few chipsets getting Google TV.
For the PicoPix Max: there is AMLOGIC T972 which is not supporting Android TV: this is a question of partnership between AM LOGIC and Google.
For the Screeneo U5: the MT9629 is compatible with Android TV but Google won’t upgrade to Google TV. Also, Google is working directly with Netflix to implement it as well as with MTK.

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Hi, just trying to understand. I fully believe you guys are doing all you can, and we know the hardware is up for it. I’m just trying to understand (Just curious) why Netflix is making a fuzz out of this ? With all the cut-throat streaming giants out there, what would be their financial reasoning ?

The hardware is impressive but pretty commonly used on commercial ISP media boxes & off the shell media players right ? Most are just kodi boxes, some some fancy ones come with Netflix OTB, do they all have to pay Netflix just to able use it ?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to understand their motive :slight_smile: Seems to me they are handing users to the competition. (Hulu,Disney,Prime etc) as they seem to work on potato as long as it’s a ARM7/9/x86 cpu.

I bought a nvidia shield with dolby vision in addition of the U5. I have the old one on my TV and I am too much use to its velocity that I get crazy when I use the U5 remote. I thin the CPU is less powerfull than the tegra x1+ check this out

So i can play netflix in dolby vision :slight_smile:

the GPU of the TEGRA x1+ is far more powerfull

A 70 GB movie on VLC has some difficulty on the U5 compare to the nvidia that play it very fast

No offense but there is kind of lag and the OK button stay locked, I need to push on the left or right side of the button to unblock it.


Is there any news about Netflix issue on U5?

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