Screeneo U5 - Netflix Issue

Hi Team,

I just got the screeneo U5.

  1. I’m not able to use Netflix on the device. I uninstalled the version that existed then I downloaded Netflix from Google play, as soon as I open Netflix, it states “this version of Netflix App is not compatible with your device(-13).” … how can I get this resolved, is there a workaround?

Please advise…

Thank You

Hello, indeed the Screeneo U5 is not yet compatible with Netflix as stated on our Indiegogo campaign. We are still negotiating with Netflix about this partnership. For the moment, you can use an app called “Kodi for Netflix”.

Hi, thank you for the follow-up. I was able to find Kodi app but unable to find “Kodi for Netflix” app? Unless the Kodi app is what your referring too? If there is a separate app, can you point me in that direction?


Hello, what the target date to get NetFlix app on Screeneo U5 ?

Tldr it’s not on Philips it’s on Netflix to approve the use of projectors with the Netflix app on Android TV. So don’t expect it anytime soon

If Netflix is not working on your device there might be various reasons like VPN problem or the pp is crashing.
You can check your device’s certification status, Under Play Protect certification.