Screeneo U5 turn on direct to HDMI2

Afternoon all, I have just unboxed my U5. Nicely packaged, easy to get out of the box - so that’s the unpacking sorted. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is running AndroidTV 11. I am trying (failing) to set the input to automatically go straight to HDMI2 and not go to the androidTV side. I have a Fury HD VRROOM setup so that I can change between the 3 different HDMIs I have. But I simply cannot get the U5 to go straight to HDMI2.

I also have a Logitech Harmony Elite Hub, although the U5 is not on Logitech’s database yet, I can manually learn the remote control, however, there is no “source” key on the remote which I can simply press and then press “ok” too to automate that. I had considered setting up RS232 to the VRROOM, but I cannot find any info on the U5 automation side of things using RS232.

So - all in all, kinda stuck - any guidance greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

If this helps:
Unit was shipped to Canada.
Software version : V1.00002
Android TV OS sec patch: Sept 1, 2022
Android TV OS build: RTM5.220609.091

Hello Stuart, unfortunately, as a Google policy we cannot add a feature to change the INput source at boot.

Thank you for the reply, so is there, in that case, any “guaranteed” button presses on the remote control to bring up the source menu and press “ok”? Or is there a signal that has been created in the U5 for source, that, does not appear on the remote (long shot I know).

Or, how can I do this via the RS232 port?
The remote control, is it the same as the U4? I can program it manually via the Logitech Harmony, but, need to either:

a) know the keystrokes or
b) RS232 API manual/wiki

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello, unfortunately not, but here is the RS232 page

as a Google policy we cannot add a feature to change the INput source at boot

How so?

I’m waiting for my U5 to be delivered still, but would expect the same functionality (to be on HDMI1 or HDMI2, or at least the last used input, on startup).

I have had and currently have several Android TV devices, STBs and TVs, and the TVs, all of which would be the same type of device as the U5, all boot up directly to the last used HDMI port, whether from sleep or from a cold boot. None of them revert back to the Android TV interface when turning the device on.

Hello, this is different on a projector in fact. This is a new rule from Google unfortunately.