Screeneo U5 turns on by randomly by itself

Is there a reason why the Screeneo U5 turns on randomly by itself? Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Hi @stanleykobeblue , there is a possibly relatep discussion in the screeneo U4 section

Screeneo 4 crashes with 4K fire stick - Screeneo / Screeneo U4 (SCN350) - Philips Projection

Is this similar to your issue, is it also happening with the fire stick? Or in other circumstances?

No, it is not related. When the unit is completely shut down, it will sometimes power up by itself. I have two inputs via HDMI: cable feed and Roku soundbar

Received my U5 yesterday. I haven’t seen the issue yet. Either it will come (hope not), or it’s specific to your unit, or it could be due to the Roku soundbar (i don’t have it). Do you get the same issue if you disconnect the soundbar?

OK @stanleykobeblue - just got the same issue too. It just turned on by itself. It is in my office room, no other remote or else was being used

@Philips_Support_N - any idea?

@stanleykobeblue @stef1 I had that with my ATV HD and old TV, that turned on randomly at night while everyone was asleep. It turned out to be the ATV + TV setup. The TV reacted super sensitive when the ATV checked for updates, that somehow kicked through to the TV and made it turn on (CEC activated). Same ATV on a new TV - no issue.

Thanks @Daniel_Eberhardt looks like a good explanation . I now use a power strip that can be switched on/off (and has surge protection). That definitively solves the issue, and such devices tend to consume a decent amount of electricity even when sleeping - so better cutting the power supply.

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I have this problem. When HDMI is plugged into my PC, U5 randomly turns on then off and triggers Windows to add/remove the screen from its display list.

Do you have a longish HDMI cable?, and is your Screeneo U5 plugged into a different power point to the device providing your source video?

I am suspecting stray earth leakage inducing enough voltage in the HDMI to trigger the U5, but having said that this is not really consistent with any HDMI settings I have to auto turn on.

Will keep investigating, might also try an optical HDMI 2.1, however the cable shield is still likely conductive to both ends.

Regards, Jeltz

Hello, can you disconnect all your devices connected to HDMI? I suspect a CEC issue with your other devices

Do you have the VLC app installed? I had the same issue when I first set up my projector and it seemed to be caused by the VLC app. No idea why but the issue went away as soon as I uninstalled it and it been fine since.

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