Settings on main Screen?

Hi there,

I set up my replacement and if I click on the arrow of my remote All these settings show up on the main screen. It makes it extremely difficult to use any apps, since they are all pushed down to the bottom of or off the screen. If I point the arrow lower on the screen it shows two and a quarter rows of apps. The only way to access it is with the arrow keys, which is inefficient.

Is there a way to remove the settings placement on my main screen? I would think that if I wanted the settings, I would go to the settings. And once done with the settings, I wouldn’t use them for a long time, so I’m confused by this development since my old projector (1.0.27).


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I do agree with you Rhonda,
it should be useful in the intentions
but at the end is exactly the contrary.

i can just suggest to use arrow cursor to scroll down


Thanks Superalbix, I was hoping someone would say I accidentally clicked on something! Hopefully, they will make it optional (something we can choose in the settings!). It’s quite annoying.

Have a look here: I customized my PicoPix launcher, tell me what you think!

Thanks for that! I’ll look into it.

I would love it if while watching I could access te settings sliding in from the right and I could adjust realtime