Setup in front of TV set / furniture


I’ve seen lot of sharing about outdoor setup or indoor on a wall.
However I don’t have lot of space to do so, so I’m planning to find a screen that could roll down in front my wall hanged TV.
I’ve been struggling to find something …
Electric one will have most of the time a cord hanging down to the power outlet.
Manual one will have most of the time a operation stick (the manual pull down will be too high lol).
Manual pull up need quite lot of spaces behind my TV cabinet to be pulled up.
Electric pull up costs a lot :see_no_evil:

So far I’ve seen this Ikea battery operated electric blind:

Not sure about the rendering on such surface.

Also I’ve realized if I out the PPM right behind my sofa I need to reduce the screen size but it’s only limited to 80% digitally.
Any workaround that to have a smaller screen?


See if ceiling mount is an option for you to bring the projector closer to reduce screen size , they are inexpensive

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Another thing you might consider is painting the wall. They make special paint that can be used for projectors.

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I have a cheap electric drop-down screen hanging from my ceiling. It came with a power cord hanging down, so I cut the power cord to about 5cm and put a slim power socket and plug on it. When I want to use the screen I connect the plug and drop the screen. When I’m finished, I unplug the cable.

I plan to paint it white very soon!

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Ceiling mount is not an option :see_no_evil:

Thanks for sharing! So you have an electric plug behind the screen?

Yes! I put the control box behind the screen with double sided tape, too, and used an extension cable to connect to the mains power socket. When in use the power cable runs behind the screen. I think I reduced the length of the wire from the control box to the screen, too.
image image

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See next post

How about hanging the screen from brackets on a wall?

I have a kind of wooden light balcony where I should be able to drill the hooks and hang a screen!

But isn’t it a bit inconvenient to go up there and grab it to plug it down?

Not at all! I’m 6”2’ (1.88m) and I stand on my subwoofer. Plus, my ceiling isn’t very high. Takes 10 seconds and is much better than having a cable hanging down 24/7.
I spend more time getting the screen to stop in just the right place when unrolling it!

Something like this maybe? That’s a 100-inch tab-tensioned motorized screen over a 63-inch TV.


Is that the screen power cord on the left? The black power cord? So it’s going down to a power plug down?

I’m 6", I should be able to reach also but I’m lazy and maybe too perfectionist … I prefer a screen above without clutter :see_no_evil:

To the left of the screen is a small shelf for my routers and NAS, which made a perfect location for an extension cord to be routed/elevated to plug-in the motorized screen.

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I don’t understand? Where is the clutter? The whole point of the exercise was to reduce clutter! The only way I could have less clutter is to mount the screen above the ceiling.

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I meant once opened :speak_no_evil:

It’s hidden behind the screen.

What clutter???
And don’t forget, the room will be dark when using the projector.