Share your Image Settings

Hi guys, please share your image settings here. The default is at 50% all. It would be nice to know how did you adjust the saturation, contrast, etc. And your impressions with it. Thanks!


Great idea. We’ve got some pretty precise people around here! :slight_smile:

I keep my saturation at 45% usually. And sharpness at 0%.


I’m also curious about this from people who are so keen with colors and image setting stuff.
I’m quite bad at it and it would make me feel better if I use image settings that are also being used by someone “expert” on it :smiley: …even though I might not notice the difference much LOL

Brightness: 58%
Contrast: 30%
Saturation: 49%
Sharpness: 41%

So far this the setting I like best. :slight_smile: