Shipment for USA (United States)

I’m still wondering when can we receive the projector. Thank you so much.

Even I am waiting to receive the product! Do you have an ETA

Yesterday I checked my backerkit and status was updated to “your order has shipped” I live in the US bad IG ID :8500

Backer ID around 9500. I literally just received notification from DHL that my projector shipped from Hong Kong and should be in California by Tuesday, January 21st. Good luck all!

I am Backer ID 89XX and live in California. Mine isn’t shipped yet. :frowning:

Dear friends.
Is there anyone who delivered the product from USA? Why can’t I get any information about delivery ?
Contribution ID 18996
It is enough! Tomorrow or the next day. Say something, give a date!

You are a long ways off my friend, they are only around the 8k mark for shipments to North America. Also production has shut down for Chinese new year so don’t expect any news till mid February and shipment some time after that based on backer ID. They probably have 6-7k ahead of you with lower European numbers probably taking priority.

Backer No 4XXX here and still no update on my end. Can someone advise why later backers located in the US are getting theirs shipped first?


I suspect that they are also doing US deliveries by zones. But still 4XXX is too high a rank to still be waiting for it. What state are you from? I am from California and mine got shipped just yesterday (Backer id 89XX).

You are at the end of the queue so don’t expect to receive it before mid March at the earliest (because of Chinese New Year). Also FYI a lot of super early backers from EU and other places have not received their device yet.

Hello guys I just received it! I like it actually and hope you guys will receive it soon.

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I received my PicoPix Max yesterday by DHL. Location is AR.

#2050 here and no information at all. I have emailed asking for information.

Good to see that shipping to the US works. What was the flow like?

DHL delivered to me in NJ on the 21st, I had filled out the online form to prerelease the package (so, no need for signature etc) and request a particular time window. We were doubting the time to show up from HK but it came through at the requested time :slight_smile:

What do you mean “flow”?

Hi Jay, I should have been more specific. What communication (in chronological order) did you receive about your unit being shipped?

What’s your backer ID?

I was backer ID 8495 with the Jan 21 delivery

FWIW I don’t remember backerkit emailing me about my item shipping, I just happened to check in and see the shipping info. I just moved internationally so the arrival timing was pretty important. It ended up arriving hours before I left for the airport, just enough time to make sure it powered on haha

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