Shipment to Qatar

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I see that the recent batches shipped out are mainly for Backerkit orders.

Any news for Indiegogo orders? Especially shipments to Qatar?
My contributor ID is 15061.


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To clarify the situation for you, there are no separate Backerkit orders - all orders have been made on Indiegogo. Backerkit is just a site which is used by Philips Projection (along with many other crowdfunding campaigns) to handle all the orders they get.

If all the different numbers that are used here on the forum sound confusing, I suggest you read the following thread which should clear things up: Demystifing Numbers (Indiegogo, Backerkit etc.). In short, the numbers that are relevant are your Indiegogo contribution ID # and your Backerkit Backer ID #.

Thanks, man. I finally got it and noticed my ID was in the next batch list.


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I’ve received a DHL tracking number on 20 May but it doesn’t return any info about a package on their website.

Anyone has a clue what’s going on?


Anyone received theirs in Qatar ?

Nothing so far. According to the information I could collect, the shipment is bound to Europe first although it was meant to be shipped directly to a Qatar from Hong Kong.

Despite my numerous requests, no one has been able to confirm anything. It’s all about wait and see…

Oh…but we did get the tracking number in the ROW format, not the CRxxxxxDE format. Any idea if it has reached Europe ? @IvoGrijt @djupsjob

Like I said. I’ve got no more clues. And so do the Philips people. Looks like money is lost to me. This is yet another logistical disaster as it happens to be with Indiegogo. Second and last time I contribute ever…

The tracking number in whatever format doesn’t provide any information. The item is somewhere unknown, undefined. It’s the Twilight Zone, man.

@IvoGrijt, any clue you can provide as I’m not the only client expecting a delivery in Qatar?

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I will check with our forwarder what is going on.
I believe the unit just never left their premises once we delivered it to them and they labeled it.


I have received my tracking number since 30/May but still not active till now.

Anyone has received the package in Qatar?

Same here.received on 30th May but not active yet

Hi @IvoGrijt, did you get any news from your forwarder?


@IvoGrijt any updates yet ?

Eerily quiet on this front, on many fronts actually. I’m preparing an email asking about Qatar, South Africa, Kuwait, and some other areas im getting complaints about, we pressed them a while back to ship to everywhere anyways and only got Saudi Arabia and Brazil back as total no-go’s, so we were under the impression that shipping to all these countries would’ve proceeded as indicated would happen for ROW shipments. We then had to wait a while to allow them time to actually do it, but by now these should’ve been delivered already.

I’ll keep you guys posted as soon as I have news.

Any news @IvoGrijt on our shipments? Tracking number received a month ago but still not active till now!!

@IvoGrijt Hi there. Can we please get some info? Have you sent your email and did you get something in return? That was 11 days ago. Thanks

Same here for shipment to Qatar. Already posted here and sent an email to support on 29 June, but no reply till today:
"Your request (24654) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

Note: Due to the global situation and limited staff capacity, the average response time is currently 3 days."

What else can we do? I don’t think you can always blame pandemic situations…I also ordered stuffs abroad and still can get them in Qatar.

A reply would be appreciated

No not yet. Only received a no-longer-valid tracking number on 30th May.

Seems like we are all in the same boat. Tracking number received long time ago but not active yet.

Hopefully @IvoGrijt could share real solid update soon of when we can expect at least to see the tracking number get activated. So far nothing solid from them despite lengthy reply except that they are pushing the forwarder everyday and it is already almost 1.5 months.

Hey @IvoGrijt , any news regarding Qatar from the latest meeting ?