Shipping - "An extra one for the road" - to Germany

Good evening! Can you tell us when the additional Pico Max will be shipped? As you told us, they should already be produced and in stock. The payment is now again 7 week ago and no news till today. In my case the shipping address is on Germany. Thanks!

Got a tracking number today :smiley:

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me too

Me too but again the status doesn’t update till Saturday. #stillpatientlywaiting

Same here but no updates since saturday. Delivery for Luxembourg

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As usual. Wait another 2 or 3 weeks - nothing will happen at once.

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And another week gone.
Who is Vigo Logistics Management? They created the DHL label online. Is it a fullfilment company for Philips?

Is it so difficult to get an official answer within 8 days? :slightly_frowning_face:

As far as I know, Yes.
They also managed the previous deliveries in Germany. At least the DHL Tracking number for my first PPM was also created by Vigo Logistics Management.

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I wrote them an email last week. They answered,.but doesn’t have a clue. LOL

For the first PPM, it took a good while since they registered the DHL Tracking number till the tracking data actually started showing something.
This was also explained by @IvoGrijt a lot of times and if I’m not mistaken there’s also some post somewhere with common issues and feedback related to shipments and tracking numbers.

The tracking number will start updating first when the batch of PPM arrives in Germany and is scanned by DHL Germany.

I don’t think this time will be any faster than the previous times.


Please see our [FAQ] Tracking and Shipping #4 for an explanation for the shipping route to EU.

Vigo Logistics is a German partner of our forwarder in China. We don’t have any direct contact with them.

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Thanks! But for sure you know if the PPM is in stock in Germany or still in China.

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And another week is passing without info if the PPM is in Germany, Asia or not produced at all. :pensive:

Yeah, some more info would be nice.
The Tracking Number even shows the electronically submitted information has been cancelled (however this only shows when using the DHL App/German version, not on the english one) - which makes me slightly more concerned.


I personally would actually not be THAT concerned about that message (but in the same time I don’t tell you to not be concerned)

For me, a software developer living in Germany and having had worked with several APIs from all kinds of big companies in Germany, this message only tells me that DHL implemented a time out waiting for a package to be handed over after the tracking number was generated electronically (another API call).

This theory is based on what the users in this forum are reporting about tracking numbers with such a status (Tracking number was cancelled because package was not delivered) being yet updated a while later when the packages did arrive in Germany and were scanned by DHL.

DHL has a well known (in Germany at least) history of confusing statuses shown on their apps/websites.
I think I still have a print screen from the trackig of one of my packages a few years ago, saying “Package could not be delivered, the receipent was not home” although the package was supposed to be delivered (and it was delivered the next day) in one of DHL’s post boxes (Packstation)

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@dragos Thank you for that input. Yes I can confirm that status from DHL is from time to time inconsistent. But anyway I don’t want to discuss app technologies or how DHL is working. I’m asking Philips (with who we have a “contract”) about the status. At least they should know if the units are produced or not, on the way from Asia, somewhere in Europe or already in Germany. I’m ordering stuff online every week. None of the sellers has that lack of information. Very disappointing!


Lieber Andreas,

Indeed! This is also one piece of information I am expecting (if the batch has left China already)
As far as I have seen on this forum, the devices are already produced, currently there are only logistic problems delaying the deliveries.
But I’ll let @IvoGrijt and his colleagues give us a more precise feedback on this issue :slight_smile:


On Monday the forwarder told my colleague PhilipsNono that:

The delivery time is Wednesday, and the scanning time is expected to be Friday or Saturday

This was supposedly referring to both EU and ROW shipments. So they would be delivered to DHL in DE and in HK today, and scanning by DHL would happen Friday or Saturday.

Regarding the shipments being cancelled by DHL: we’ve seen this happen in the last 2 batches that came to the EU, but previous batches have sat for over a month before being scanned and were not cancelled. Then again, lots of those were duplicate numbers, so perhaps that’s why they weren’t cancelled.
In any case, the previous EU batch to have shipments that were cancelled by DHL were still shipped properly once DHL did get the packages and scanned them in, so nothing to worry about it seems.

I agree with you, it’s disappointing that our forwarder doesn’t (proactively or upon request) keep us up to date so we can keep you up to date also. Due to how they ship the units in bulk to DE and HK, we don’t know where our shipments are until DHL scans them in.


@IvoGrijt Thanks a lot! That’s an answer I can live with. :pray::+1: Let’s keep all fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: Maybe it’s then not to late for an outdoor cinema evening.