Shipping not received

Dear all,

My backer id is 4983, shipment tracker is CR071991309DE

The package seems not to have been delivered to the post office … could you please update me ?

Hi Vincent and welcome to the forum!

Did you get that tracking code on 10th April? If so, you’re not alone in this situation. My projector is also in that shipment, and my tracking number (which looks very much like yours) isn’t showing any progress either. The reason is that all the projectors bound for Europe were shipped in one large container. The tracking numbers we were sent are for the individual shipments that are transported inside the container, and they will only start working when our projectors leave the DHL warehouse in Germany. According to information on the forum the German customs cleared the large shipment yesterday, so we should start seeing progress soon.

Please see the summary thread for further details.

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Ok that’s what I thought !

thanks for the update