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As per update 16 there was told the shipping to EU would start and we would be notified if you sent 500/1000/2000 pieces. Since I’ve read about backer #123 not even got an update, I am kinda wondering. Is the shipping to the EU already started? Or is there an estimated time for this?

Backer #4512
the Netherlands


I would like to know 2 :slight_smile:

@Joey, @Philips_Support_N has mentioned in a new update regarding QC issues faced. They have asked for more time. They say they’ll be able to ship around 2k units before Chinese NY after which they will take a break and resume after 2 weeks. Kindly be patient!!! :slight_smile:

I believe there are other problems with not shipping to the EU. I would like to know what they are.

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Guys please read the update. They have not shipped anything, mainly because of QC.

I am beiing patience. But that leaves a big gap. They fullfill orders based on counties. So those 2k could all be going to the US first. So I just would like to know some more exact details om their shipping process.

To be precise they gave us an appology for the scedule with a bunch of reasons wherefore. But they did not told all batches/products where rejected. (However I agree. I think all is rejected on QC.) But there could actually be a delay and a batch that made it through the QC.

I don’t think it is going by country. I saw that my backer number was 13’000 something and distributionnumber was given by survey, which was in the 1300s. So as they once mentioned, they would send to the backers from August first it’s not going by survey, it’s going by backing.

Warehouse is in Amsterdam (?) so Europeans should be delivered aswell, as soon they get the QC in order.

The issue is as simple as saying how many of those 2000/3000 they say they will ship before Chinese NY are going to be forwarded to their distribution center in Europe. I am fairly convinced at this point in time they know it.

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I hope the next batch of 2k before CNY will go to Europe, but indeed not sure. Maybe @Philips_Support_N can confirm where this batch is going?

Please Phillips,
Just tell us if this 2000 units will be ship to EU. It’s my first question to you from the begining of the campain. I gave you my confidence and i stay convince that you will honored your engagement but i am very disapointed at this time and i want to know in how much time aproximatly i will get mine. I just ask this question to join the force to all the EU backers who are in the same feeling as me. So just answer clearly please and i think this will be a good for you.

Victor, backers 2XXX, from france


Guys it’s a crowdfunding campaign so it’s totally normal that there is delay as processes have to be settled and quality standards to be agreed on with all involved parties.
I rather wait two months longer than getting a product which is not on a decent quality standard so why not just being happy that the team is pushing QC really hard?
If they ship out everything right now you’ll have a lot of people complaining about quality issues later on - and probably everyone complaining here in this thread is part of the loudest group complaining about quality later on, too. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mathias for your paternalist way to tell us that we are like childreen who can’t wait to have a new toy. In my case, i am not complaining at all because i don’t care if i received it in june, i just want to know the steps, and i feel like they are not transparent. It’s a simple question, and they don’t want to aswer it.


The delay in the shipping is really getting into my nerves now. I am a backer from Germany and my contribution ID is 14,XXX which is already quite behind. The rate at which the shipping is going on, I think I will have to wait until Chinese new year 2021 to get my projector. This is ridiculous and I would now like to know when exactly the shipping will start to EU.

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Shipping is in progress. QC failures meant they could not meet target before CNY. A few thousand will be shipped before and the rest after.

You don’t know that, regarding Europe nobody knows anything.

Europe may have different regulations which cause trouble.

I see so many replying on this post as if they work at Screeneo. But the fact remains that you know nothing.

And that is exactly the problem.

From the latest update.

“We will be able to ship around 2-3K product before the 25th and then restart 2 weeks after with the new factory, with better assembly rate!”

That’s the facts of the matter.

This part is not facts at all, just another promise.

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Well that’s the information available. You can choose to believe it or not.

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