Shipping to Europe

@Pablo_Perla yes we updated the banner with some news

Hi…had a question…
Closer to delivery can the adress be changed within same country ? And how ?

@macsan0123 Yes we can still change it but it depends if we already sent your address or not to the forwarder. This is case by case.

Id 3203 August 26 2019 to Sweden and still no product, no mail, nothing

Hi Nono, how can I find this banner? Could it be that I have deactivated it?

I also deactivated it before but can’t get it back now. In any case, here’s the text (click on the v on the top right of this box to fold out the full text):

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These so called “new informations” doesn’t do anything. @Philips_Support_N anything about if workers who showed up are packing already produced units or is there any progress at all??

Updated banner


I’m not concerned as I’m a backer from December and I get it when I get it. On the plus side it gives the team more time to perfect it.

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While i share the same point of view.

If the delay out of any health issues in China regarding CoronaVirus means to have our product when the next generation is announced would be definitely a bummer.

Screeneo already said the kept some hardware upgrade for the next release which is fine , that’s the way the business goes :slight_smile:

But i think it would be wise to strentgh the production workflow by adding more people on the production lines to avoid any mass bad mouth around the product.

At least that’s what i would do if i’m way behind the schedule and having my clients waiting for what they paid / contribute for. This is costly of course, but it’s for the better of this awesome product line

Aside of that i really appreciate of the energy pushed into the communication lately , this a great improvment ! thank you @Philips_Support_N

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I am sorry to ask again: where can I find this banner that gets updated? Or do I need to rely on that someone like IvoG reposts it to me?


I backed the project in august 2019 and I was supposed to get mine with the EU batch of projectors in February. I haven’t received mine, I’m backer number 4148 so you got a long wait ahead of you

I looked into this, as I also can no longer see the previously dismissed banner. It turns out that one of the moderators (eg. @Philips_Support_N ) would need to unbanner and rebanner the post, not just edit the banner post text. That should clear out the records of banners that users have previously dismissed when the banner is (re)published.

As an end user, you can log out of the forum and then revisit without login in right away, then you will still see the banner. Or visit the page from an Incognito or InPrivate web session.


will do it now


Wonderful, I can see the banner again and read the updates. Thank you for your support @IvoGrijt



The 11k that will be done before 2nd April. Does it include the 4k you have already shipped or is it 11k new projectors?

Seeing that the backer count is at around 15000, I think these are 11K new units.

That is a detail worth clarifying. For me “total” means including already shipped ones, but I hope to be wrong

Not according to the question I asked them a couple of weeks ago.

You need to read it as one long sentence, and then it makes sense:

Our first factory starts on 2nd March and our second factory 1 week later, and totally 11K will be done from this date on till before the 2nd of April.

(Cursive text added by me to clarify how you should read it.)

Based on the fact that there’s about 22 working days in this period March 2nd - April 2nd, that means about 500 a day will be produced, which is according to their previous estimates.