Shipping to India

Did anyone get backerkit email and do you see option to enter passport number?
Because i don’t see any option.
Please check yours.

Yes I also have the same question. Seems backers in some countries have started getting their PicoPix Max even though as per the latest update the product is not fully ready yet

I replied on the same mail with my passport number.
Yes, Backerkit doesn’t have any field to fill ID details.

Let us know what they reply.

I got the same mail asking for passport number. I replied on the mail and they updated it. No news on shipping yet …

From which email id did you get mail & what’s the subject?

Just got an email from and replied to it

I replied to the email as well and they confirmed that it was updated and nothing further needed to be done.

Hi Guys, yes we update it manually in the system. For India, we already started to ship yesterday. Some of you will receive their tracking numbers.


Hi Philips, can u plz provide the number of shipments send to India already?

around 50. We are still waiting for passport numbers


Could you tell us approximately how many backers there are from India?

@Philips_Support_N Thanks for keeping us posted

Is it mandatory to give passport number? I have emailed my elector ID Number (Provided by government) and received an email from Philips which says - ‘Thank you, everything is ok, it is registered in your account’

yes that should be OK I saw your email. DHL is asking for all those info in fact

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Thanks for the quick reply. Good work!!

Am I part of those 50… Please say yes.

@Philips_Support_N What is the total amount of taxes need to be paid by backers in India?

Hi. My first post here. One of the early backers Jib** had to pay somewhere around 15.7k. He has already received his product.

Seeing so many of you have shared passport info gives me confidence. Im unsure about how safe the data might be. Hope @Philips_Support_N gives an assurance.

Cheers to all Indian backers.

Edit: Name of backer and amount he paid.

I think data should be fine. You can ask backerkit to remove your data at any point.