Shipping to Nigeria

Please when will you ship to Nigeria? I will like to be informed because I may have to change my address again if you will not ship to Nigeria before day 13/02.

Hi @Temidayo_Aransiola

Welcome to the forum. Can you share your contribution ID?

Production is estimated to start around the 8th of februari, so i assume there is a very small chance it will be shipped before the 13th, especially if you are not an early backer. In such case, please contact philips via email to request your adres change.

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Thanks for the response. My contribution ID is 152**. I plan on changing the address from Nigeria to Brazil but I don´t know how the VAT payment will work since it is not used in Brazil. My fear is to have to pay 60% on the total value of the projector since it may be registered as ''imported". Any clue? And Phillips has not been replying to emails.