Shipping to Norway?

Any news on shipping to Norway? Saw a post about it somewhere with a list of backerkit Ids, but my number was not included. As far as I undersand my backerId is 15593862 and my contributionId is 2930.

Same Question for me, when is in going to be sent?

Got a shipping confirmation today. Not a valid tracking number so I guess its a bluck tracking number for now. But at least its on its way to Norway :slight_smile:

This is why your tracking number might not be updated for quite a few days after you receive it:

@IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N
This is my first experience with a crowdfunding product. Unfortunatly can’t see my backerid on the spreadsheet and I am wondering what the status is?
I have been looking at this sheet for a few weeks now. Are there any updates regarding Norway?


@IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N

I’ve been waiting for a long time. I got a tracking number on 15 April, but the shipment isn’t updated on DHLs webpage.

This is what DHLs tracker on the web says about the shipment:


April, 23 2020

  • 23:44 Local time | Shipment information receivedHONG KONG - HONG KONG

I have talked to the local DHL office and they can confirm that they haven’t received a shipment.

There’s must be something wrong here.

My contribution ID is 5897, Backerkit ID is 15591676

Please read this: General info about shipment and manufacturing

and afterwards perhaps watch this to expand your understanding of the current logistics situation worldwide:

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@IvoGrijt; This was very clarifying. Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Sorry that I didn’t find that info by myself. I would recommend that Backerkit sends this info in the same mail as the tracking number.

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In a different time, you wouldn’t need to know all this. You’d get your tracking label and 5 business days later the product would be at your door. But that’s not where we are at the moment unfortunately.

I hope you’ll get yours soon!

I see now that you are finally getting paid for your efforts here. Good for you. However, you are defending a company (DHL) who simply don’t deliver on their services. I ordered a Thinkpad directly from Lenovo, shipping from China took exactly two weeks with a bunch of delays. It came last Monday. Why are you so eager on defending them? Screeneo should be more active here, and simply not tolerate this. I am seriously losing my patience now, being fucked around by DHL.

We’ve got movement, crossing fingers. A post in the Switzerland-thread (seemingly same situation as us) quoted someone saying the plane is departing Hong Kong today.
Kong Harald pray for us

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Shipment on hold. I guess that means it won’t be here by the 19th.

Still not even a shipping number or mentioning of my order in the excel spreadsheet. Kind of ironic that the backerskit account still states delivery December 2019.
Were more than 6 months overdue, and I have been really patient. But come on half a year of delays even with corona this is really bad. Hope your not making Philips health equipment. Because that is delivered a lot faster. Give me a clear answer when I can expect my projector to be handed over to DHL.

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Same here now

Same here, I am 1682 on contribution, but it seems there is no system rewarding the early birds since I’ve never recieved mine and aren’t on the list for shipment yet. Anyone in the moderator crew wanna drop a note on how prioritizing is done? I was supposed to get mine october/november '19…

Hi guys, any progress on shipment for Norwegian backers? There is movement for Switzerland, so I was hoping…

Got it on monday!

Backer id?

Found your contribution id. :blush: Are you satisfied with the PPM? How much was the clearance?

May, 20 2020

  • 02:53 Local time | Shipment on holdLEIPZIG - GERMANY

At least it’s in Europe. DHL still sucks. What a horrible company.