Shipping to South Africa

Good day,

I received my backerkit tracking number email confirmation on the 30th May 2020, and after checking previous correspondence, assumed that I would need to wait 7-10 days for the tracking number to become active on the DHL site.

It has been 25 days now and I still get the “No shipment with given tracking number found” message on the DHL site.
I have tried the various recommendations (Different DHL sites, ensuring that only the tracking number is in the DHL search etc), ands still get the same reply.

I understand that there have been delays, but surely this is not normal anymore?

Please could you advise on progress or steps that can be taken at your earliest possible convenience.

Many thanks,

Backer # 13877

In the same boat as you mate… got the tracking number but not active yet

Hi Zane, welcome!

We can’t check all the tracking numbers individually, that’s what we have each backer for to check theirs personally! So I didn’t know of this issue for you until now. We haven’t heard from the forwarder that the shipments to South Africa have been in fact sent or not sent, so we assumed they were sent as promised.

I will request a status update from the forwarder and let you know.

Thank you @PhilipsIvo… I will await feedback from you.

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Good day @PhilipsIvo,

Any updates with regards to the deliveries… I’ve checked again this morning, and DHL still do not have the tracking number logged.

Surely, this means that the forwarder still has not shipped to DHL?

Please advise at your earliest possible convenience.

Many thanks

Zane Jones


It’s looking as if they never sent it. We are deliberating what to do next, a solution will be found this week certainly.

Hi @PhilipsIvo. Please could you keep me updated as soon as you have an update.

Many thanks,


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Good day @PhilipsIvo,

Apologies for the necessity to repeat yourself, as I’m sure you are getting plenty such enquiries…
Any updates with regards to when these items will be shipped?

Many thanks,
Zane Jones

Just today @PhilipsNono seems to have found an option that may prove to be a solution. We are doing a test run first to see if this works out as it’s a lot more expensive to ship with but if it guarantees actual results we can perhaps go ahead for these problem locations.

As soon as we know more I’ll update you all, it will probably be next week once we get the shipment in the Philips Projection HQ.

Howzit Zane!

Fellow South African here. I was also ‘forgotten’. Made it to list 3, thanks to @PhilipsIvo. Received mine last week. Took about 2 weeks for the tracking number to become active prior.

Shipment was smooth, although I had to pay customs in Bahrain, but 24hrs later it arrived. I used an app called Route to track it.

Hang in there!

Hi @PhilipsIvo

It appears that shipping is indeed possible if @ctguy is anything to go by. Was this the “test run” or is there another “test run”?

If we want to purchase “one for the road” surely it makes more sense to send all at once rather than piecemeal?

I would think so, I would say the sooner we know how many have to go that way the better.
But regarding @ctguy’s claim, I don’t know which backer he is or how that shipment was routed, perhaps after we chased the forwarder they still sent something out? Without knowing his Backerkit ID I can’t figure it out right now.

Hey @PhilipsIvo,

My backerkit ID was 15586678. Hope this helps you figure it out, and help the others get their delivery.

Attached is a timeline of my shipment for your perusal.

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HI @PhilipsIvo

Any update?

Also please confirm that Screeneo has my ticket (24577) sent 28 June 2020? I haven’t received confirmation from you guys yet (apart from an automated response)


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Check your mail! :+1:t4:

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Thanks mate

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Good morning @PhilipsIvo

Any updates with the delivery issue resolution?

Many thanks,

Zane Jones

Hi @PhilipsIvo

Thought I would post here instead of the General post…

I know you were busy with Europe shipping (which were much later backer numbers).

Can you please give an update for South Africa shipments? It seems that the forwarder can ship to South Africa (at least via UAE / Bahrain) so this shouldn’t be an issue


Hi @PhilipsIvo

Sorry to nag… just following up here

Hi @Zane_Jones

Just wanted to check whether you got yours?