Shipping to Sweden

Hoping for some information and updates regarding shipping to Sweden.


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There is another thread for Europe and EU in particular here Shipping to Europe . For shippings after CNY and more info on the timeline, check this topic New shipments after cny .

I believe JB is referring to the situation regarding the projectors destined for Sweden sitting somewhere in Germany due to customs in Sweden rejecting them.

Last news was an update was expected today.

So this would be a reasonable place to give the update instead of polluting the other thread.

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Any tiny chance they will ship express today (Wednesday) to arrive no later than Friday?
Will we get new tracking numbers to follow the packages again?
What was the reason not delivering them?
What new expectations should we have for a possible delivery?
Maybe you should consider to use DHL shipment all the way and avoid Postnord!

Some old ”Indiegogo” comments, just for fun! :wink: :slight_smile: :frowning:

Products will start shipping from our Hong Kong logistic center around mid-November - easily within the timeline to arrive well before Christmas.

We are deeply sorry about this new delay and we are doing our best for you guys to get a product that passes 100% of our Quality Control.

Our target is too ship all 15K devices before Chinese new year and 10K before the 31th of december.

Concerning Europe, we will use our warehouse based in Amsterdam or Brussels.
We decided to ship to the EU exclusively via our EU warehouse.

Our goal is to fulfill all backer orders before Chinese New Year (Jan 25), starting with EU/Australia/New Zealand.

And then ”Sweden” just happened!


Precisely, thank you! :+1:

Sorry for crossposting from Shipping in Europe:

From Sweden here:
I saw that Postnord has the same tracking ID from DHL in their system.
But when DHL says successfully delivered, Postnord customer service refuses to acknowledge that they have received the package. Postnord even suggest that we would make a notification (reklamation) to Philips, so they could apply pressure on DHL.

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Ok, problem was ”battery” in package?
Will now be shipped with UPS as of latest update received!

Still waiting for tracking ID!

Delivered. It matches my expectations after following the campaign and reports.

  • Image quality is good.
  • Brightness is good.
  • No Bluetooth lag.
  • Smaller than I expected.
  • Lateral distortion with 4-corner correction (known issue).
  • Fan control is pretty crude which makes it loud, seems like it could be optimized based on temp. I use it on eco mode due to noise.
  • Focus control could be more granular on manual mode. Feels like there’s a sweet spot you can’t get to sometimes.

I’m excited about it. The software is a bit premature but there’s potential. As a developer it’s a bit frustrating as I would gladly like to help out make this thing shine.


Hi, glad you liked it. Maybe they should open source it :). Imagine a projector running Linux, for example :slight_smile:

Perfect formfactor, great picture.
Brighter image than expected in eco mode!

The portability makes you wanna get all apps to work smooth including screen mirroring!

Not bad at all!

Some limitations on the software side that philips hopefully will fix, DRM content playback on apps; Google play, youtube movies (bought/rented) has issues also when streaming to projector from mobile devices.
Only way bypassing it is to use the HDMI port or remove DRM before playing.

Auto Focus works, but would need some more tweeking to find optimal focus… Then it would be nice to lock it when needed!



I would like to second the alternative User Interface like Linux or similar.
Iknow it is a transition, but the android tablet. For F*ck sake. As a die hard android smartphone user I hit a road block in using the PPM every time. The most used function is the off button. I shut off the PPM when I cool/calm down doing other things. The only thing that make me smile is that it isn’t Apple in some way at least. I said I am a die hard android smartphone fan.

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Amen to that! :raised_hands:t4:

The fan control is being worked on by the way. Mine is only used in Eco mode anyways, not due to the fan sound level, but having temperature-regulated fan speed is always better.

So shipping to Sweden is all good now? how long did it sit in Germany?

Id #3203 August 26 2019 no product, no mail, nothing, it looks like the shipping to Sweden isn´t working after all. Who’s in charge, who can I turn to, to get some answer since my order Id should have been delivered

shipping to sweden in march ?
backer nr 6286
any chance i get in in march?

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@Philips_Support_N any update you can do here for swedish backers?
if possible to say when the next batch is going to sweden

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I’m curious too… #9537 here.

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Why not just create a simple web application, input backer ID and e-mail… Returns the order status with estimated delivery time. We are living in the 2020s… Come on Philips!

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That sounds really easy to do, but in practice it is anything but. In the current situation, there is simply no way of reliably estimating delivery times. Even manufacturing times can be really hard to predict. If you don’t take my word for it, please have a look at the the summary post in the banner and check what is written there.

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