Shipping to Thailand

Hi backers.
Is there any backers from Thailand? Did you received PPM?

My contribution id #122xx and waiting is ok me. I understand how it difficult to develop and produce new device.
Just want to know and share any news :wink:

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If somebody also interested in Thailand. I found a post from backer #23xx from Thailand in telegram - 12th of January he wrote that he not received the PPM. So, will wait.

Mine is #3710, still receive nothing.

Contribution #11089. No update.

Contribution 14,552 No update. Narrow, no news at all, postponed indefinitely

#5286, Got DHL tracking# on Jan 14 from backerkit page. But no email and no update tracking info.

i checked also just my backerkit and found out my ppm is also shipped to Malaysia. (update from 14/01), but DHL tracking doesn’t seem to work yet.
I guess were close and it might happen next week.

Just checked in my backerkit page, I got DHL tracking number. It just shipped from HK today 4pm.

Could you please share your contribution number?

Update, mine will be dispatched this weekend.
DHL informed to be delivered by 21st as earliest.
Not yet have detail but payment for duty or tax is required.

Please keep us updated about customs duty to pay.

Contribution id 11599 and still no news about the shipping. I’ll leave Thailand on the 6th of February. Will I get it? Who knows…

13512 no update

Spu that tax is also required.

Any electronic device I bought from abroad to Thailand required an extra custom payment. I expect the same for the PicoMax.

Backers from Thailand, check your status. Thailand was in the last batch they sent before CNY.

Hi my # backer number 667 from Thailand
I did not get any information about when will i get This Picomax , anyone around this number get it?
So boring and angry

No email received but I checked the status and it’s been shipped! :partying_face: My contribution ID is 115xx

No email notifications, check your status here

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Update, my shipment has been held for custom inspection. DHL request me to provide some proofs of items and payment then I did reply back with screenshots of my contribution detail and receipt mail. It seems OK for them so far.