Shipping to the UAE

When will you start shipping to the UAE? Does the 2k being shipped before CNY include the ones already shipped at the beginning of the campaign?

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Hi Amarsoman,

As far as we know, the 2k being shipped are new units, as we just heard that 1500 will be shipped to EU tonight. I am not sure if UAE is also in this batch. You will be notified once it does:)

I am also waiting for Kuwait shipping. Seems order count is not that huge for Middle East countries.

I am waiting for Bahrain shipping. Yes…guess not too many for ME region. I might be the only one in Bahrain!! :wink:

I’m waiting in Dubai :grimacing:

True, because of that ME will be least priority so we might be get only after all other main market delivered…

I am waiting in Abu Dhabi :smiley:

I’m waiting for delivery in Dubai. However I’ll go on vacation soon, is it too late to change to an address in the Netherlands? And if not possible, is it possible to delay the sending until somewhere mid Feb?

Contribution ID9215

You are not the only one !!!
I am also waiting??
I request a refund if they can’t ship before 25th.
I think our region is not among the priority list !!!

Waiting also in Dubai. No news so far

Another UAE contributor waiting for delivery. ID 7478

@Philips_Support_N You have been giving some estimates for every other country. We would really appreciate if you can say few words for UAE!


How long must we wait to get some basic information? I’m not in the shipping list that was put out recently even though the numbers show I should have been. Please let me know why my contribution id 4477 is not on the list and when will it get shipped.


Did anyone received their PPM from UAE yet or in the upcoming batch? As per the latest update #23 on indegogo, it seems they will be sending it country wise that means entire UAE backers would be in the same batch.

I received a DHL AWB (Indiegogo Backer# 4477) on the 15th of April , but it’s not updating yet.

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Glad to hear. That means, there would be another batch. It will be good to know if you can share how much additional charges you need to pay to DHL.

Any luck yet? mine isn’t showing any updates on DHL yet.

@Philips_Support_N Please note the DHL tracking number is still untraceable after a week for me.

When you say that it’s untraceable, do you mean it shows only the first update ("The instruction data for this shipment have been provided by the sender to DHL electronically") or that it doesn’t show anything at all?

@djupsjob screenshot below. I entered the ID as showin in Backerkit.
10 digit like 26********