‘Shocked’ at battery life

Okay, so I knew the battery life on this thing would be decent but here’s what happened last night when I hooked it up to an external power-bank (Aukey 26800mAh).


3:07am - projector had already been on for a while before I checked the time (approx. 20 minutes or more)

5:37am - Got 15% notice, plugged into power bank

8:34am - 28% remaining

9:05am - 15% battery left notice

09:26am - Still going strong

09:38am - Battery empty. Projector finally shut down.

Total duration: 6 hours, 31 minutes!

The entire time, the projector was streaming Full HD video over Wi-Fi from Netflix and connected to a Bluetooth speaker. The projector was on normal mode till the power bank got depleted and stopped charging the projector. Had it been on energy saver mode, I’m confident this would have been close to 8 or maybe even 9 hours. Will do a test of that some day!

I also just upgraded to this 256GB microSD card:


and with formatted it as internal storage

and all my favorite upcoming movies and shows downloaded, this is like a proper portable TV solution. Good job Prashant! @Philips_Support_P! :heart_eyes:

Now please fix autofocus, color issues and the high amount of grainy noise from the v56 chip. :innocent:


Amazing man! My picopix lasts around 3h tops! what’s the external charger you’re using?

This is massive power bank. I tested mine from 98%, with a connected RavPower 20000mah on Normal Mode + connected to a BT speaker, watching Full HD content through USB and it ran for more than 5.5h and there were still a bit more than 20% remaining. So I’m pretty satisfied with the results. It means you should be able to watch 4 movies (each by 1.5h) without a problem.


Thanks, this is the Aukey 26000 mAh powerbank :slight_smile: