Shortcut for settings side bar and more options on it


There are settings that users usually toggle or change from time to time such as input source and currently, the user has to go back to the home screen and select the settings icon and go through the settings app. This is a bit tedious and with so many extra steps.

Proposed Solution

If possible, a key shortcut to open the settings side bar (one shown at the right side).
Double-press home perhaps?
Also, it would be better if common settings are already shown in the side bar.
What I have in mind are the following.

  • Input source
  • Brightness mode
  • Mirroring
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth

I also think File manager should be a separate app in the home screen instead of being the side bar. Refresh apps list isn’t necessary anymore so it should be removed already.

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I don’t have the PPM yet but if it’s really how you describe it then definitely there is room for improvement. For example I have an Xgimi H1 and there is a sidebar you can easily open to quickly switch the source.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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I agree with you for this feature.
But as Philips said the “Refresh apps” option is needed in some cases, for example when you sideload an apk in order to let the app appear in the main screen.

Doesn’t that automatically update the home screen?
I’m not sure what “sideload” technically means but I’ve installed apks and so far they automatically appear in the home screen.

That was what I understood when @PhilipsEngineering replied here :

(although @Andrea replied “No”…)