Should I update Netflix?

When i first received my PPM, I read that I should not update the Netflix app. I think it’s because it was specially custom for PPM. It’s over an year now. I was still prompted to update Netflix whenever I watch. Should I?


Its a good question. I believe it’s Netflix and MX Player to not update, but it’s been awhile as you said, so it’s this a thing that we will NEVER EVER update or what?

Hello, please do not update the Netflix app. Thanks!

Copy that, and thanks!

And MXPlayer?

yes you can.

Any word of Netflix adding the ppm to the approved devices or is this no longer viable?

Well, I think I have already updated the NetFlix app (together with all the available app updates) and it looks fine so far.
What will/may happen now ? Does the ppx battery overheats and explodes or what ?
Is it necessary to rollback to the stock version for security reasons, or can we use the updated Netflix if we do not experience any issues ?
How can we rollback to the stock version of Netflix app if necessary ?

What Netflix version is the right version that is working?

I use 4.16.3, but I’m getting tire of not having trailers. Is there something newer?