Silicone Case Available Now

Hi guys! The silicone case is already available on Amazon USA. I ordered it and will be arriving on Sunday. I’ll let you know my thoughts.

65$ is way too much for a silicone case, no thanks.

In Amazon USA it’s priced at $49 USD. it’s still definitely a high price, but I would rather have it protected :smiley:. Regards

Hello, we don’t sell on Amazon, we ship from amazon. As you can see the price is very high in order to avoid customers to buy on from Amazon.

This doesn’t make sense at all. So you are keeping the price artificially high, for what? . Wow…

Not sure what @Philips_Support_N is talking about. I bought the silicone case through Amazon and paid exactly the same price they’re selling through indiegogo. Amazon price $49 USD. Indiegogo price $39 EUR. Virtually same price.

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Eduardo, we will cancel the order. You need to purchase it from Indiegogo.

Because the stock is for Backers only for the moment. As soon as all backers will be fulfilled, we will open sales on Amazon.

Any news on when these are shipping? I’ve paid backerkit + the taxes but since then nothing.

shipping those days! We are shipping one by one from EU backers from Amazon

Hey @PhilipsNono , I am an EU backer, when are you expecting to have everything shipped?
Can you give an update on Indiegogo?


Can you be a bit more specific on this please? When will we receive the cases.

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I got my case one week ago. EU

Hello, we shipped all the EU silicon case 2 days ago. Now AMazon is processing it and shipping it everyday to each customer. We will cancel all UK orders as the difficulty to ship from Amazon EU to UK customer is too high.

What do you mean you will cancel all UK orders? I’m sorry but you can’t just say something like this without more context.

Cancel = refund and no case
Cancel = no ship from Amazon but reship from elsewhere.

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What a joke. Refund confirmation from indiegogo just received with no comment or response to the above.

To say I’m not happy is an understatement and the lack of communication is on par with the rest of this campaign from the start.

I have family in Holland and could easily of given you their address for them to forward to me.

It’s just a case sure, not that important. It’s the principle that I spend my hard earned money on this and a half-baked projector and can’t even get semi decent responses/customer service when it should be simple.

hello, we totally cancelled the order to UK because the shipping cost increased a lot after brexit: around 49euros to ship. We are sorry about this.

The point is there is no communication from you with us to say - look guys just a heads up, we have an issue here because xyz we need to cancel or look at alternatives.

Like i said I could’ve made alternative arrangements for delivery but I didn’t get a choice as you just cancelled it.

The order was placed for these cases months ago (but still after brexit).