Silicone Case Available Now

Hi guys! The silicone case is already available on Amazon USA. I ordered it and will be arriving on Sunday. I’ll let you know my thoughts.

65$ is way too much for a silicone case, no thanks.

In Amazon USA it’s priced at $49 USD. it’s still definitely a high price, but I would rather have it protected :smiley:. Regards

Hello, we don’t sell on Amazon, we ship from amazon. As you can see the price is very high in order to avoid customers to buy on from Amazon.

This doesn’t make sense at all. So you are keeping the price artificially high, for what? . Wow…

Not sure what @PhilipsNono is talking about. I bought the silicone case through Amazon and paid exactly the same price they’re selling through indiegogo. Amazon price $49 USD. Indiegogo price $39 EUR. Virtually same price.

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Eduardo, we will cancel the order. You need to purchase it from Indiegogo.

Because the stock is for Backers only for the moment. As soon as all backers will be fulfilled, we will open sales on Amazon.