Silicone Case for PicoPix Max

Hey guys how is everyone holding up? I am not sure if the silicone cases were part of the perk that we all supported on indiegogo? If anyone remembers that can they corroborate, please? Also the Amazon link for the silicon case is not active. @Philips_Support_P

It definitley wasnt part of the original perk. I also would hold your breath on seeing the case anytime soon.

€49 EUR for a silicone case ? (€39 EUR - 20% OFF)
Are you serious ? :broken_heart:

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I thought it’s free when we’re asked to do the survey and it’s part of the package. If I know, I won’t even do the survey on the color. Given that the app store is really lousy compared to google play store. There are a lot of projectors now come with Android that offer much better apps. The internal app picture like YouTube is not even as clear as when I connect to my Apple TV. But connecting to Apple TV I can’t do 4 keys cornerstones. Anyway we are the Guinea pig😆


Silicon case should be Free for backers!


Why PicoPix Max Silicon Case si not available to Switzerland ?!? What is your solution, you are in Switzerland ! Thanks

Yes the silicone case is supposed to be free for us as we were backers and we also filled out the survey. I filled out two surveys as I bought and hacked two projectors. @Philips_Support_P

Hello, the Silicon case is not free. We have never communicated this way.
Also: we are not selling on Amazon but fulfilling with Amazon. The link to purchase the projector is on Indiegogo.

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Still not available in Switzerland… Vous êtes pas à Tolochenaz les gars, c’est vraiment pas compréhensible !

Nous venons de regarder et cela marche de notre cote

They doing the survey is to make sure majority will buying their product continue to suck more :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:from all of us :partying_face: this call marketing strategies…

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Hello guys, the tooling is now ready for the silicon case!
We will receive the sample next and approve it for mass production

Note that this item is not available outside of the eu.

Too expensive for a product with “hardware issue” !

Do you have some news about the shipping of the product?

@Philips_Support_N When the shipment?

Just got mine through Amazon USA


I ordered through indiegogo. Any idea when shipping to the U.K.?

Hello guys indeed we started to ship in the US but Amazon didn’t receive it in the EU. Should arrive this week!

You means “Amazon”, what about “Indiegogo Backers” - when shipment in the EU and non-EU european countries?