SKYGO APP looking for a working version ITA

Hello Everyone! Is there a working SkyGo app on aptoide store? I’m from italy and i downloaded all the versions available but still can’t find a working app. Really appreciated any help. Thanks * Any side way to install apk apps? :grimacing:

You should be able to install any downloaded APK by just selecting it in the file manager.

Hi @Tommaso_Dall_Osso

Apkpure is a good source to find apps, or versions of apps, you can’t find in Aptoide store.

You can install Apkpure app directly from Aptoide by following the steps below :

To force Apkpure app in landscape mode, use the app @alexh proposed here :

Maybe you’ll be able to find the right version of your Skygo app :wink: !


Any result on a working APP for Sky Go? I’m still waiting my PPM so … I’d like to download the application…


No! At the moment seems like not working on the PPM. It’s actually the only app i need

Me too… please let me know if you find something…