SlimF Q100 Charger Not Working

I bought a 100 M GaN charger from Indiegogo with the hope of having “one charger to rule them all” but unfortunately the Picopix Max is the one thing it doesn’t seem to want to charge!

It is touted to be fully PD compliant and the DC output it lists are as follows: 5V/9V/12V/15V=3A 20V=5A 5V=4.5A 4.5V=5A

Could anyone provide any insight? Is the 20V=3.25A the only option for Picopix Max charging?

Sometimes it’s just bad luck. 15V/3A should be enough to keep it running in Presentation mode without depleting the battery. But, since this is all based on handshakes/negotiations between the two devices, your in for a tombola…

I’ve read on this forum that some users find this BaseUs charger (non-Pro - without the cable) unable to charge/sustain power in combination with the PicoPix Max. I however have no issues with this 65W GaN charger.
In your case I would suggest trying out different cables and unplugging/replugging the charger to toggle the negotiations.

Thanks for the reply, hopefully I’ll get lucky!