Smart Youtube is skewed to the right


Does anyone else have this issue (couldn’t find it in the forum)?

Youtube is skewed to the right so I can’t see 1/3 of the image (image and controls - the whole thing). It might be skewed a bit down too, i’m not sure about how much though - I can see what need to see, except to the right.

The image is not too big, so it’s not that, just skewed.

Should I update it? I know not to update Netflix, but Smart YouTube?

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You can update Smart YouTube

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Yes, you should update Smart YouTube, the version included on the initial firmware had this issue and this was solved in subsequent updates.

Yes, I did it last night and all is good! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am coming from a replacement unit, with, so I don’t know which versions of what are loaded on it.

After the latest Smart Youtube update (yesterday), suddenly the streams were stuttering. So I found Smart YouTube TV 6.17.728 download APK Android | Aptoide where you can find previous apk’s from this app. Very useful, because I went back to version 6.17.724 and now it’s working fine again.

The recent update removed the Pro mode where you can select specific video qualities but fortunately there’s a new update that brought it back. Apparently, the developer is trying to create a new project called SmartTubeNext. It seems to be in its early stage though.
Also I think it’s best to get the apk from the official site.

Nice to know about the new project.

Also I think it’s best to get the apk from the official site.

Normally, I would agree, but I couldn’t find previous versions there.

You can also find older versions of apps in the AptoideTV store on the PPM.

When you select an App, next to the install button to the right is a other versions button

Smart Youtube Next is working better at the moment. No stuttering and also easier to navigate.