Smart YouTube purchased items not working

I can’t watch items that I’ve purchased through this app which is a shame as it’s the only way I can see of watching movies bought on Google Play.
Anyone know of a fix?

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They show but just won’t play.

If that is bought Content from Google Play Movies then it will not work due to missing GMS (External Petition: Google GMS Certification for official G-Apps & InApp Purchases (Like Plex))

I am having the same problem, and I thought this was the idea behind having the S-YouTube…
Is there any possible future solution?

There’s the petition on here to appeal to Google to approve this device for their apps. Not ideal, but fingers crossed… I’ve resorted to a Roku Stick in the meantime but that means no bluetooth speaker connection, digital zoom and issues with 4 corner correction.:pensive: If you don’t have a similar dongle you could try screen mirroring from your phone but I’ve not had very good performance with this and my Samsung S9.

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The idea behind using S-Youtube is that without GMS certification for the projector you couldn’t access your Youtube account with the ordinary Youtube app. That’s possible to do in S-Youtube.

However, accessing DRM-protected content bought in Google Play is another matter. Without GMS certification, that’s not going to work. If you want to watch that content on the projector, your best option at the moment is to use an external source to play them via HDMI or USB-C.

Ideally, we would of course have GMS certification for the projector. I’m not hugely hopeful that we will get that, but signing the petition linked above can’t make the situation any worse.

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Hello all, regarding getting just GMS on PicoPix Max I am sorry to say that we have talked to Google recently and they said no to this. It can only be Android TV “all or nothing” and then only for a new device developed from the start with this licensing in place, that we only just signed. So unfortunately it’s the end of the road for official Google support on PicoPix Max. But note my emphasis.


Can we expect a not-so-official solution to this in the future, for us to be able to watch purchased content? And do you have a not-so-official timeline for it? (note my emphasis)

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I’m sorry to tell that, but Google sucks for such a decision !
By using freely the PPM, I will learn to get rid of Google…

You can also use the browser version of YouTube, I used the provided Firefox though performance isn’t great. 480p max and a choppy framerate, maybe a different browser would work better?

You can install Firefox Focus on the PicoPix Max – this browser correctly uses hardware decoding, so all the videos will play fine.

Download from APK pure: Firefox Focus for Android - APK Download

Or you can search in Aptoide.

The regular version of Firefox for Android doesn’t use hardware decoding for some reason.


May be someday someone anonymous would drop an unofficial tutorial to sideload it in PPM at user’s own risk :smiley:

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Didn’t work unfortunately. Any other browsers?

There is already one, but you need to be brave :shushing_face:


Haha thanks for sharing. Yeah, I saw that one and excited to try it out once I receive my ppm. Its’ a nice contribution and this kind of mod community might turn out to be one of the strength of PPM among its competitors. However, I am not really sure if it’s a good Idea to share it on official forum.

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I was just thinking the same, actually. Or rather, I think it’s ok to share on the forum but WE NEED TO WARN PEOPLE OF THE POTENTIAL RISKS IN CAPITAL LETTERS before they manage to destroy their PPMs.

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Something along the lines of what I added to the top of the post.


So how many here have tried this? come on let us know

it wont even let me login to my account using Firefox Focus