Sonos compatibility

Im lookinb at some of the Sonos speakers to get a better experience. Im not that technically minded. I see PPM has a hdmi port which i thought would be ok. My flatmate says it needs to be an ARC type. Anyone any ideas?

Hey Rydel.

I have two One SL (2 of these become automatically stereo) and a Connect (Gen 2). Then I get the audio from of the PPM out of its minijack output, to the RCA input in the Connect. For this I use a simple cable mini-jack/RCA. The only trick with this set up is that you go to the Connect (via the Sonos phone app) and chose the shortest latency. I think it is 0.37 sec. You cannot notice there is a delay.

All the other HDMI solutions are a hassle.

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SonosTube works but can’t be registed :frowning: so only works for 2 days. We where promised Sonos support, but nothings happends.